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Emo lyricsPush your cares, push your burdens aside, erase everything inside and leave just one thing on your mind. You only live once so just go fucking nuts.Emo song lyrics
(Suicide Silence - You only live once)

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How to be a real emo (the ultimate guide) - Jan 26 2020, 08:10 PM

miseryisland - soEmo.co.uk

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Choosing the colors to wear:

The traditional emo color is black, which symbolizes darkness. One of the emo kings, aka Pete Wentz once sang, "I'll stop wearing black if they make a darker color."Therefore, since Pete agrees it is most certainly an emo color. If you're not in the mood for the traditional emo color there's always other options. Pink is a very emo color. Pink symbolizes a lack of self-worth. Only true emos lack self-esteem. Pink also shows an overly EMOtional nature. But if you're like me and you honestly HATE the color pink wear blue. Wear enough blue to express the sadness suppressed inside of your yeEMO soul. If you still want to have low-self esteem NEVER ever wear yellow. Yellow is too positive for us REAL emos!! The color grey works well too, because it symbolizes depression and loneliness.

Know where to shop: Dolls Kill, Hot Topic (I dislike Hot Topic but I am a real emo. The emoest of all emos) , Spencers (still better than Hot Topic), Shein, Romwe, Ebay, Amazon, even a thrift store, ect.

Know what to shop for: Black combat boots, red or black converses, vans (the most emo shoes on the entire face of the Earth), if you're going to dye your hair dye it any unnatural color (go for whatever fits you). Once I had cherry red hair still natural well sort of. Unless you're going for the Gerard Way look. I looked like the catch me outside girl... it was a painful experience. Band merch can be found at the stores I thought were SUPER EMO.

Listen to emo bands: I consider these bands to be the best emo music, Blink 182, Hawthorne Heights, Alkaline Trio, Placebo, some Fall Out Boy (yes they're from the emo quartet), The Smiths (they're indie but their lyrics are very emo), Green Day, A Day to Remember, Linkin Park.

But each person can start wherever they choose.

Support emo YouTubers: Crank that Frank (yeEMO), HairJordan (he looks kind of like Andy Biersack which means he's hot)(one of my favs), Johnnie Guilbert, Social Repose, Eugenia Cooney, Jeffree Star (he is my favorite emo YouTuber), Jon Jumper (the guy from Unicorns Killed My Girlfriend), ect.

Learn the attitudes of an emo: Hate everyone. Love no one. Don't listen to society's standards. Fuck society.

Know what kind of shows/movies to watch: American Horror Story, Supernatural, Ouija, Annabelle, IT, ect (or basically anything with a lot of blood and violence).

Know how to spot a poser: Posers are the people who probably hate society just as much as you, but not themselves. Call them a poser.

Know what kind of hairstyle to wear: Fringes & half-shaved hair ect

Know how to do emo makeup: GET OUT THE FUCKING EYELINER!!! Put it on your waterline, use liquid eyeliner for your lid, make a smokey eye on top , use fake blood, ect.

Let me be real with you here, some of that was a joke. Hopefully you've learned something from this guide made by the fakest emo here (aka me). Thanks for listening to my TEDTalk!
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