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Kellie Andrea
24 / Female / Arizona, United States
Straight / Single
Member since: Dec 20, 2013
Last online: Dec 20, 2013

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About Me

So um... Hi. 
I am kind of an awkward/random person, but I enjoy conversing with people and getting to know new ones. I can be kind of mean sometimes, but I honestly am not trying to. im kind of naturally just a serious person, most of the time, but im pretty easily excitable in conversation. If you would like to chat, I would love to speak with you ^^

About me? Well...
I dont really know why this is important... okay, anyways... here are some of my interests, if you're interested, I guess.

My favorite color is silver, but it that doesn't count in your world, then blue. I also favor green, and black.
My favorite animal is a wolf. I also love leopards, dragons, foxes, hippopotamuses, and red pandas :3
I like many things:  food, animals, sleep, Xbox/Wii/Playstation/etc. gaming (like Skyrim, Oblivion, Super Smash Bros, Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Hunting/shooting games, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter, and Starwars Battlefront :p), PC gaming (like Age of Empires, Minecraft, Tycoon games, Sims), swimming, playing piano, drums, photography, roller coasters, and travel. My ultimate favorite things in life are HOT TOPIC, singing, role playing, and writing. And sleeping and eating.

Yeah, im pretty obsessed with roleplaying, so if you're pretty advanced or semi-advanced and love a good romance (and preferably if you're a male role player, or role play male leads), I would love to write a good story with you ^^ Just message me if you're interested <3

Favourite Music

The Ready Set
Secondhand Serenade
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Stereo Skyline
Tokio Hotel
Owl City
Warren Barfield
Stephen Jerzak
Cady Groves
The Script
Sincerely Us (My band: in progress)

Favourite Films / TV / Books

Disney movies :3
Doctor Who
Danny Phantom :P
Discovery Channel shows
Animal Planet shows
National Geographic shows
To Kill A Mockingbird
Manga <3
Self Written Stories/Roleplays :I

Education / Occupation

I dont have an occupation really, since im currently a student in high school, but I aspire to be a great writer, or to be a Veterinarian with a Masters Degree. 

Who I'd Like To Meet

Friend wise, I would like to meet someone who likes talking, who doesn't judge me for the things I like or the randomness and awkwardness that is me, and someone who I can trust (not to gossip about me or lie to me about themselves or about anything). I want to be friends with someone who will be honest in everything with me (that they wish to speak of with me or entrust me with, of course), and someone who is around my age mostly cause its kinda awkward to talk to someone whos like eight years older or younger than me. Like, all the time. 

Relationship wise (if that were ever to happen, lol), a cute (scene) boy -_- hard to believe, I know, but yeah. Someone who is quirky, cute, funny, and entertaining. Someone who likes to talk to me and hear me speak, and someone who doesn't mind listening to the things I have to say. Someone with personality! Not always perverted or looking for trouble or images (if you know what I mean), but someone who will accept that no female is perfect, and that will like me for who I am instead of for what I could be. I want a guy who is excitable, fun, confident, random, and accepts my awkwardness. And hot. (But that will most likely not happen XD)

Roleplay partner wise :D 
Someone who is literate for the most part and writes in a semi-advanced to an advanced style. Also, someone who can write a couple paragraphs each response. Someone who enjoys writing romance and will take the role of the guy, cause... I like creating the girl character in the story. However, I can role play as a male as well, if needed. I would prefer someone interesting, open minded, creative, and ready to try new ideas on the go.

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