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Name: Andy
Age: 46
Gender: Male
Orientation: Gay/Lesbian
Status: Single
Location: Sheffield, United Kingdom
Member Since: Mar 28, 2008
Last Login: Nov 01, 2008

About Me

Back from the dead 02/11/2008

What's OurAndy Been Up to?

Where to start!? Well eleven operations later and stupid amounts of time in hospital, I am now back in the real world. I'm still rather weak and recovery is taking a very long time, but "Hi" everyone. Hope everyone is really well!? I shall be dropping everyone messages when I'm feeling up to it. Big shout, hugs and smiles to Tantra. Hope you're doing good baby girl.

All About Me!
I often get called OurAndy or OurMichael in certain circles. I try to just be me, no masks, no games, no promises....but sometimes, I am just a twat!

I try not to be anything other than who I am, I am far too immature than is practical, I drink more than is sensible and I sleep less than is advisable. I don't act my age, I don't feel it and I don't really associate with people around my age infact I seem to have trouble getting on with people around my own age, I often get mistaken for mid 20s and usually can out party even my youngest friends.

I'm gay and proud of it, I live for partying, getting wasted, and for my friends, without them I don't know where I'd be, although I love them all, I just wanted to send loads of love & hugs to my babies Beth (Who I met whilst in hospital and has been my rock through it all, continues to be and I really don't know what I would do without her ...love you lots and lots Beth) Henry (hubby in law), Jamie (hubby in law & best mate), Lydia, Charlotte and BenBen - love you!! Special mention for Fluff, Lee, Heather, Wifey, Chris and Kim. It goes without saying, but I want to make a point of sending loads and loads of love to Tantra who I met through soEmo.co.uk, she is fast becoming the friend who has been missing, she gives me intellectual challenge, intellectual justification and what seems to be becoming a very apparent 'connection', which I find increasingly difficult to find in this society, love you baby girl XxMwahxX

I run my own business but don't particularly like working, I work because I have to and I need the money to live life (I am looking to move into another area of work to see if I can get something more from working). I live for today as tomorrow I could get hit by a bus.

Far too generous, nice and forgiving for my own good - working on that though! Been in bad places many times, but we all have problems, there are things I am unable to resolve in my head but I don't expect anyone to 'fix me' I just ask for a little understanding on certain issues (and visa-versa).

I love clubbing, used to go to super clubs (a lot) GateCrasher, Passion, Sundissential etc but don't go to them as often, different tastes really now. I love making new friends, love going out, but I do love a good night in too. I still have the outlook on life that I did when I was about seventeen / eighteen and have been told I'm somewhat immature for my age, like I said I don't feel it or act it.

I'm not too sure what I am looking for, don't have a type & that's with regard to friends or potential relationships, all I know is, if you're a little different then I'll admire you for that as I like individuals, even though we call ourselves 'emo' it doesn't mean we can't be individual as well. Although I hate 'categories', I used to be a CrasherKid, however now I always try to be a little different. I get called CyberEmo (apparently due to the fact that I listen to dance music, e.g. trance, hard house, electro etc etc) :s

I love to surf whenever I get the chance, when I do I go out it's either early in the morning or late at night when no-one else is out, just me and the sea, when I'm out there waiting for a wave I have managed to find a calm that doesn't seem to come around that often in my life. If I could do it financially I would not work and spend my life surfing, me and some friends have talked about having something like an 'Emo Surfers' group / association, blah blah blah!

I'm a great believer in never saying never and having an open mind about the future and never discounting any possibility. I would love to be able to say that it all gets easier as you get older, it actually doesn't, you just get that you care less what people think. I will say I have trouble understanding me and what goes on in my head, so I don't really expect anyone else to either, but you're welcome to try!

Pet Hates!
Chavs, "The rents" - they drive me nuts on the odd occasions when we speak; people who comment "don't you think you ought to calm down and aren't you a little old to be dressing like that and lining your eyes", people who don't accept other people's individuality & choices, people who think there is an age limit on being 'emo', having to be part of the daily grind e.g. working - I don't want be a 'doley' or anything! (I don't expect anyone but myself to provide for me) I would just like to have the money so I didn't have to work!


Stuff that you will often hear me say:

'What do the cows in the meadow do?.....Moo!'
'Brap brap, beep beep, bop bop'
'You just seem like a 'Lambrini' sort of girl'
'I'm not gonna lie to ya...I'm quite tired...and I feel like shit!'
'Sit on my face'
'It's fine, it's fine'
'We will have a nice time'
'Are you smiling?'
'Good times'
'Love you'
'Lavvv it'
'Are we happy?'
'Don't be shy now'
'Am alright me'
'Love you lots and lots like jelly tots and vodka shots and all that'

'Oh Beth I think this waters real, its wet and everything' - Me to Beth when I got fasinated with a water feature

'Circle. ciiiiircle and THRUST and THRUST!' - Henry

'Maybe you're just having one of those days where your mouth is too big for your face?' - me

'I saw you on the tv last night' - me
'On tv! in what?' - Tom
'Most Annoying People Of 2008' - me

'He's gone to be self-obsessed somewhere' - me when someone asked me where a mutual 'up themselves' friend had gone

'Henry, Richard hates you' - me
'Why what did he say?' - Henry
'Erm, I hate Henry' - me

*When we was all at Tash's the power went off*
'Oh shit, oh shit, I need the loo! Is the toilet going to flush with the power off?' - Tash (voted as her all time dumbest comment)

'I not too fussy & I hate slow, romantic sex...just fucking make me choke on it!' - Lee getting a little stressed during a 'dry spell'

'That's what the bullies used to sing when they chased me' - me

'Oh it's a wonderful life!' - Prozzy
'Well it will be when you get hit by a bus!' - Mathu

'Yeah we got back to her place, went to her room and she had a huge clitoris, freaked me out' - Lyds
'Oh yeah they're really scary, I think there was some in Jurassic Park when I watched it the other day' - Henry (Baby gay boy), Lyds then spent the next few minutes explaining that it wasn't a type of dinosaur

'The last time I saw something like that I had to pay an admission fee!' - me when two boys were getting it on at a club and it got a little intense

‘I thought we agreed that we was only taking at little off my hair and I was keeping my fringe’ – me
‘No we didn’t agree, we discussed’ – Louis
‘Yeah I thought we discussed that I was having a trim’ – me
‘We did, but we never agreed on anything, anyway hold still and be quiet. Where’s the clippers?’ – Louis

‘Did you ring into work?’ – Louis
‘I haven’t been there for the last 8 of 10 working days, I think it’s fairly safe to assume my client has pulled out of the contract’ – me
‘Oh that’s ok, I just didn’t want you to forget to call them!’ – Louis

'Andy, your there, come on I want to dance, I'm in a grinding mood!' - Henry
'Henry! I'm not just going to jump up as soon as you come say you want to dance and grind with me...(two seconds later) now we can, I've finished my drink. :D - me

'At the end of the day' - me

'Whatever' - me

'Bugger!' - me

'Have you met my friend avaline?' -me

'Well you turned yellow and was shaking on the seats behind the pool table' - Bambi

'Hmmm' - me

'Never say Never' - me

'It was you who was ordering the doubles' - me

'Rack em up' - me (and everyone else)

'Ohh your bad temptin me' - me

'I need cheese on toast' me / Charette

'Yeah you'll be fine if you double drop' - me

'Ohh your supposed to sip the GB....oh bugger!' - me

'Look you useless waste of space know nothing CIS graduate, all that bollocks you learnt there doesn't work in real life, now shut the f*%k up and do what I tell you' - me

'Fuckinell aren't you ugly in the light' - me

'She's got a knife' - Bambi

'Vodka and Coke, no ice' - Bambi

'I need to go powder me nose' - Leanne

'Calm down, just calm down' - Chris

'Oh Andy my head, what were we drinkin last nite? I'm so hungover me boobs hurt, will you rub em for me?' - Wifey (Charette) 'Ok, just a min, I'll go get the oven mits & a sick bag' - Me

'Do you think there's anythin happenin between us?' - Richie
'Bit of friction if I'm lucky' - Me

'It's been snowing, let's all go sledging on the coffee table' - Joel when we (Joel, Tom, Me & Bambi) were all battered

'So is he your b/f?' - Random old friend who I forget
'Nah, I just thought I'd stalk him for a while to keep me busy' - me.

'Peaches' - Joel

'I got off with him a while ago' - Lee
'Who, that thing with a big head? Fuckinell I thought it was a siamese twin' - Me

'I'm gonna be scraping me fanny on the floor soon' - Lee
'Hold on a sec I best get a mop' - Me

'Oh god its full of monsters in here tonight lovey' - Lee

'Don't forget your banana's, there in Louis!!' - Joel

'Ewww! thats vile, tastes like week old monkey spunk' - Richie
'Erm how do you know what week old monkey spunk tastes like?' - Me

'I don't take drugs, the drugs take me' - Me

'and to this day, trying to forget those routines is a little bit like trying to get a ‘Chav’ to count to more than five! :P' - Me

'I can kill you with my hips!' - Me

*Sign* - Me
'What? - Henry
'Oh, I'm just admiring how well my shoes go with my bag.' - Me

'Andy, what you on about, the seven poke rule?' - Laura
'Well if you've had less than 7 thrusts, you're still a virgin' - Me

'I don't think he's gay, he's just a bit weird' - Me

'I can't fucking stand Emo's' - Some chavs shouting at me and a couple of friends
'Don't be silly, you can't not like something that you can't even spell' - Me in reply to the chavs

During one of Tom's little queenie strops when he decided to punch me 'Tom! I had a girlfriend who passed wind harder than what you just hit me' - me

OurAndy's Piercing Diary

I have had my ears pierced for some time and love them but for a very, very long time I have been wanting ‘SnakeBite’ piercings (I’m sure I don’t need to explain to anyone on here what they are, but just in case. The lower lip is pierced at either side of the mouth and either a ring or stud is put through). I have however not been and had them done because of maybe a little reluctance on my part and the fact that whenever I have discussed it with my friends, they have made a point of giving no support to what I want and practically lecturing me on why I shouldn’t get them, how bad they are going to look, it’s a stupid idea, blah, blah, blah. That is until I discussed it with my friend the lovely Lydia and my friend who I met through soEmo.co.uk the gorgeous Tantra. Both Lydia and Tantra said at the end of the day it was my choice and if it was what I wanted then I should go for it. Which to be honest is all I wanted to hear from any of my other friends, but hey ho.

Tuesday 6th May:

So I was on my way to work in Sheffield, all be it late :P, I really wasn’t in the mood to go and had the new boy on my mind. I just thought, right I am going to get my piercings done, so I made my way to Thou Art on Church Walk in Sheffield (it’s actually about five minutes away from my work). I spoke to the girl at the desk and explained I wanted SnakeBite piercings, she gave me a form to read through which asked me various questions about health, recent consumption of alcohol *whistle*, allergies etc and then at the end I had to sign to give consent to the piercings. I returned the form and handed over my £45.00. She then said I need to go upstairs and just take a seat.

As I was walking upstairs I was beginning to feel rather nervous, I got to the top of the stairs and went to sit down, but my piercer came out of his room and said hi and escorted me in. I took off my jacket and bag, and hung them on the hook. He asked me to sit on the bench/Doctors examination bed and asked me what I was wanting, so I explained the SnakeBite piercings. He then asked me if I had, had any piercings with a needle before. I said I hadn’t and was terrified to be honest; he did smile and said its ok, don’t worry. He said most people are scared with their first piercing with a needle. He then asked if I would like to see the equipment he was going to use and I said “yes”, he showed me the clamp, the piercing needle, the studs he would use etc. That did put me at ease a little once I had seen that the needle wasn’t really as big as I had imagined.

He washed his hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap, dried his hands on a single use sterile towel and then used the alcohol antibacterial gel. He then put on latex gloves and opened a packet that contained a sterile sheet and placed it on the work medical trolley by his side. My piercer said “Ok I need you to sit up straight, looked straight ahead and stare into my eyes” (would have been far better if he had been cute, but he really wasn’t :P). He positioned himself at my level and the swabbed my bottom lip and all around it with alcohol wipes. He then stared intently at either side of my mouth for a good few minutes then he marked points either side and then had a good stare again, he actually wiped the marks off four times and redid them until he was happy, each time wiping the area down with alcohol wipes. Once he was happy he grabbed a mirror and showed me the marks. He had pretty much hit exactly where I had visualised having them myself so I was really happy and agreed that they were perfect.

He then began getting out sterile clamps, needle, studs and all the other equipment that he needed and placed them on the sterile sheet on the trolley. Whilst he was doing this he went into detail about the importance of the cleaning and aftercare regime. He did explain that due to the location of these particular piercings that the risk of infection was higher than other locations and so that the cleaning regime was very important. He did say as well that cleaning the outside of the piercings more than was suggested on the advisory literature wouldn’t really hurt. I must admit this did make me feel a
little uneasy again now, but I did understand what he was saying.

My piercer the asked if I wished to sit up for the piercing or lay down, he did say he would recommend laying down as it helps to relax me more and if I do happen to jump there is a low risk of me getting caught or anything. Again this made me feel a bit uneasy but I took his advice and laid down on the on the Doctors table like thing. He then talked me through taking in some deep breaths and letting them out slowly, he got me to do this several times. He then asked if I wanted to have my eyes open or closed, he said he would recommend closed as people often tense up when they see the needle getting closer, so I closed my eyes. He then got me to do another depth breathe in and slow breathe out. He then explained he was going to clamp my lip, which he did, he then asked if I was ready and I said yes. He then said “right deep breathe in, breathe out slowly, short stab” as he pushed the needle through “hear a click” I wasn’t sure what that was and then I could sense he was screwing the ball onto the end of the bar/stud. He then repeated the process for the other side and I was done. I had a little bleeding which he applied pressure to gently and assured me that, that was quite normal and nothing to worry about.

I can’t say that the actual piercing was pain free but it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I had built myself up for. It’s a short sharp pain more than anything. My piercer asked if I was ok and said I could sit up whenever I was ready. I sat up and he said “ok let’s take a look” and then he showed me the results in the mirror, I got a big smile on my face when I saw how they looked. He then re-enforced the cleaning regime, gave me the literature and just said to call in if I had any problems. He asked if I had any questions and was I happy, I shook his hand and thanked him for explaining everything really well and for a pretty painless piercing. He asked if he could take my picture and I agreed and then left.

I called my friend who I thought would be out and about in Sheffield, and he agreed to meet me for a drink. I didn’t tell him about my new piercings as he was one of the ones who had been going on about me not getting them done. I met up with him and I received lots of lovely comments such as “Oh god Andy, why have you butchered yourself”, “You look stupid” and all sorts of supportive comments. To add to it one started bleeding again a little, so I excused myself to the toilet to sort it out. I returned and my friend had been joined by another one of my ‘friends’ and they both started going on so I decided to leave and head home.

I made my way to the train station and jumped on the next train to Chesterfield, I was rather pissed off with my so called friends comments and as the train I was on was the St Pancras train, I just decided to stay on and head down to London. I gave the new boy a call when I got closer to see what he was up to, and I explained that I was about thirty minutes away, as you can guess he was a little surprised. We met up, I ended up staying until Thursday evening and as the new boy already has lip piercings he took it upon himself to do the cleaning regime for me whilst I was there, I didn’t mind at all. :P

Monday 12th May:

Any swelling that I had, has now gone down significantly, ibuprofen is really good for it and I’ve got into the habit with the cleaning now. I have little bouts of discomfort now and then and I have noticed a couple of times a little bit of yellow / whitish fluid has sometimes come out when I have been cleaning around the outside of the piercing. I called Thou Art and they said this is quite normal as long as it doesn’t smell bad and just advised me to apply gentle pressure with a cotton bud above and below the piercing and this should expel any fluid, which it appears to have done fine. The feeling of having them is taking a little getting used to but I love how they look. :D

Thursday 15th May:

Well my piercings are healing quite well now and the swelling has just about gone. The bruising/redness is now very small and hardly noticable, shaving is a little interesting, however I have managed to shave reasonably ok. I took some photos and uploaded them to soEmo.co.uk yesterday. Hehe my friend Tantra spotted them pretty much straight away. :D I have gotten into the cleaning regime quite easily. I love how my SnakeBites look and have received quite a few compliments on them (I have had a few people laugh, make fun and be arseholes about them as well, but I ignore them).

I have had a few occurrences where the little ball thingies have come off the end of the bars. Damn it's annoying as they are really small and really hard to find. I lost one and ended up improvising with a butterfly of an old ear stud to keep it in until morning when I could get to Thou Art. I went and bought a few new ball thingies, they only cost my £1 each and I carry a spare one with me at all times. I WILL STRESS THAT IT IS A REALLY GOOD IDEA TO BUY SPARE LITTLE BALL THINGIES. :D

Thursday 5th June:

Well as of tomorrow I will have had my SnakeBite's for a month and I have to say I love them to bits. I have stuck to the cleaning regime and cleaned them additional to what they recommended. I have not had any sign of infection and they are healing really well.

Although I shouldn't I have been able to remove the bars and replace them with plastic retainers when I had to (and I do stress had to), when I was going for a technical test and was unsure of my clients health and safety policy on piercings. I found the retainers really uncomfortable compared to the bars as there was little imperfections on the retainers and they irritated my lip. Metal can be polished so its perfectly smooth but it's difficult to do that with plastic.

I haven't suffered any kinda of discomfort since the swelling went (after about a week to ten days). The bars don't irritate my gum's, catch my teeth anything and I haven't suffered any kind of dribbling like that what got mentioned in the forums on here. The only issue I've really had is when the little ball thingies have come off the end, they are a nightmare to find and as I said earlier I got myself a little stock of replacement ones.

I would seriously recommend getting them (or even single lip piercings) to anyone who would like them, it really doesn't hurt that much getting them done and as long as you stick to the cleaning and aftercare routine they should be fine.

100 Things about me:

1 - My full name is Andrew Jason Birley.

2 - My star sign is Leo.

3 - I have grey eyes.

4 - I have to wear corrective contacts but I am not short or long sighted.

5 - I am the oldest of three siblings, but one died leaving me and my sister.

6 - I am approx 6ft 2 Inches in height.

7 - I have eleven scars, of which five were caused by someone else.

8 - I have broken thirteen bones, five in martial arts tournaments.

9 - I hold a Dan Grades in Wado-Ryu Karate, Kyoshu-Jitsu, Iaido and Hapkido but am no longer able to practice due to extensive injury in tournaments.

10 - I had to have my severed left little finger sewn back on after a colleague moved the wrong way during an Iaido demonstration.

11 - I have four piercings, one in each ear and one at either side of my bottom lip.

12 - My favourite colour is red.

13 - I can drive but currently don’t.

14 - I own two cars, a 1973 Volkswagen 1303S Beetle and a 1998 Vauxhall Calibra SE9.

15 - I enjoy photography and have sold some of my photographys to galleries around the UK.

16 - I have met less than half of the cousins that I have been told I have.

17 - I have skydived eleven times, seven of which were for charity.

18 - I once threw up out of the third floor window (because I had gotten drunk at lunch time) onto the Head Masters car below.

19 - A history teacher threw a black board rubber at me in frustration because I was questioning the dates he was giving when describing the third crusade, I got suspended even though it turned out that I was correct with the dates and he wasn’t.

20 - My IQ was recorded at 159 when I was last properly tested for a job I applied for in 2005.

21 - I worked at Granada Studios in Manchester for two years and would
walk up and down Coronation Street most days as there was a data storage
facility at the far end.

22 - I almost completed training as a Chef but due to the Hotel group going into receivership I was unable to do so.

23 - I don’t usually sleep for more than about three hours per night.

24 - After a challenge from a friend to see just how long I could go without sleep, I stayed awake for nine days without the use of any stimulants.

25 - I spent four weeks sleeping on the beach at Fistral Bay and spending my days surfing.

26 - I spent two weeks alone in Trossachs National Park in Scotland with
nothing more than a sleeping bag, a one man tent, the clothes I had on and some cooking pots.

27 - I have been diagnosed with Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, and do suffer the symptoms constantly but I try not to let it rule my life.

28 - I have also been diagnosed with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, an example being if the number of steps from my house to the train station aren’t the same as the first day I made the walk I won’t get on the train.

29 - I lost my virginity to another boy of the same age at thirteen, and my virginity with a girl at the age of twenty, although I had, had sex before thirteen but not through my choice.

30 - I was vegetarian for many years but had to return to eating meat when I almost died in hospital and it was found that I was unable to absorb the iron and nutrients I needed from injections and tablets.

31 - I have twice witnessed someone die.

32 - I would like to visit Japan some day.

33 - I skipped school with two friends when I wasn’t quite eleven to go to the first Live Aid Concert.

34 - I came out at my parents Church Garden Party by saying to the girl my mother was trying to set me up with by saying “I’m sure you’re really nice and everything, but I’m sorry I only have sex with men, so unless you’ve got a cock under your dress, I kind of doubt anything’s going to happen!”.

35 - Me and my friend Fluff went out one Thursday night starting in Sheffield, visited Leeds, Nottingham, Newcastle, Manchester, Liverpool, Derby, Birmingham, Leicester, Bristol, London and Portsmouth, visiting
thirty eight clubs, seeing over forty eight DJ’s and changed into nine
different cyber wear outfits along the way. We returned home six days
later. We were featured in MixMag for our adventure.

36 - I was an active member of a conservation activist group for three

37 - I believe that life exists on other worlds.

38 - I don’t believe in God or the Devil, but I do believe there is something after this existence.

39 - I have never done any revision for any exam in my life, but have only not achieved a good mark twice.

40 - I have been employed in fourteen different professions during my working life.

41 - I am severely allergic to nuts.

42 - Money is of little importance to me as long as I have enough to live my life.

43 - Happiness is my single biggest thought, but I don't expect anyone to make me happy.

44 - I’m not afraid of getting older but I do wander if my body will be able to keep up with what I put it through.

45 - I have no wish to have children but I do sometimes wander what they
would be like.

46 - When I was ten I performed on stage in front of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire and when meeting the Duke and Duchess after the show I asked the Duke if he always smelled like that.

47 - I live alone in a three bed roomed house.

48 - I live in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

49 - I was originally going to be named Rainbow Reece, but I assume my parents stopped smoking the wacky baccy.

50 - You are now half way through.

51 - I hate having to think about decisions, I am happier making decisions on the spot, I don’t think about both options, I just select one, go with it and never debate it.

52 - My laptop never leaves my side.

53 - I love reading comics.

54 - Me and two friends once walked through Doncaster town centre on a Saturday afternoon in flip-flops, hot-pant type denim shorts and crop tops,singing it’s raining men.

55 - I crashed my Dad’s new Lotus at one hundred thirty miles per hour only nineteen hours after he had picked it up.

56 - I have been arrested nine times.

57 - I learnt to play guitar when I was younger and played in a band until I was seventeen, but I haven’t played in years now.

58 - Cheese on toast and a mug of tea is my saviour after a heavy night out.

59 - I would die without my hair straightners.

60 - I love to surf on the sea whenever I get chance.

61 - I don’t care what people think of me as long as they let me be me.

62 - I have been on three blind dates.

63 - I am a very private person despite being rather outgoing.

64 - I taught myself how to lay bricks and plaster walls.

65 - I never walk under signs or tread on grates / man-hole covers.

66 - I never buy a ticket before I get on a train.

67 - I have only ever missed one Global Gathering.

68 -I prefer to sleep in the day when I can and be awake at night.

69 - I don’t get mad, I get even.

70 - I don’t have regrets about anything.

71 - When Professor X gets killed in X-Men 3, I began to cry and it took me nearly fifteen minutes to stop.

72 - The first time I went to CyberDog in Camden, I ran up £1700 on my credit card.

73 - I would love to live in Barcelona.

74 - I prefer bath’s to showers.

75 - I’m a dog person, rather than a cat person, although I don’t have either.

76 - I live life, rather than just being alive.

77 - I hardly ever smile on photographs.

78 - I would rather be too cold than too hot.

79 - I set my alarm clock thirty minutes before I really need to so I can doze for 30 minutes before getting up.

80 - I regularly leave my mobile in random places.

81 - I have a terrible memory.

82 - I love musicals.

83 - I used to run a rescue centre for guinea pigs, rabbits and other small animals.

84 - I hold honesty in very high regard and always to be honest even if it’s good or bad.

85 - If I get a cold / flu I am really mardy and no matter what anyone says I am in fact close to death. I tend to never leave bed and sulk until it goes.

86 - With the exception of my sister, my friends are more important to me than family.

87 - I almost got married, but called it off two weeks before the big day.

88 - I am a qualified first aider.

89 - I adore really old Hollywood films.

90 - I am rather sentimental when it comes to holding onto what most people would probably think was junk if it has some meaning or a memory for me.

91 - I can get really angry if someone tries to make me change my views and ideas to what someone else thinks they should be.

92 - I recycle everything that I am able to.

93 - I never kill spiders.

94 - I do believe in karma.

95 - I get giggly after not sleeping for a few days.

96 - I have pretended to be on the phone if I have spotted someone I didn’t wish to speak to.

97 - I’m always late.

98 - I can be quite messy, but then I go clean freak for a few weeks.

99 - I hate ironing.

100 - I get bored quickly if I’m not stimulated or see the point in something.

Favourite Music

Huge huge varied tastes, Trance, Hard House, Electro will always hold a special place for me, some of the best nights of my life were spent in Gatecrasher, Sundissential etc :-). Now I listen to all sorts, from A.F.I, Panic At The Disco, Blessthefall, Foo Fighters, Nirvana to Gary Numan, but loads and loads really.

Here's a little sample of some of my favourite dance music artists:
Tiesto, Scot Project, Ferry Corsten, Mauro Picotto, Paul Van Dyk, Sander Van Dorm, Jan Johnston, Andy Farley, Tony De Vit (R.I.P), Daft Punk, Delerium, Matt Hardwick, Scott Bond, Lost Witness, Lisa Lashes, Eddie Halliwell, Agnelli and Nelson, Riley and Durrant, Paul Oakenfold, Tall Paul, Marko V, Gouryella, Energy 52, Binary Finary, Dejure, Underworld....I could go on and on, but that is a small sample of some of my favourites. I shall keep updating this section asap with what I'm listening to at the moment.

Favourite Films & TV

Matrix Trilogy, The Crow, Lord Of The Rings, Silent Hill, Event Horizon, Omen Trilogy, Saving Private Ryan, NightWatch & DayWatch, Kill Bill 1&2, Point Break, Beautiful Thing, Donnie Darko (Directors Cut), Elephant, Zero Day, Akira, Ghost In The Shell.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, Heroes, Anything with Gordon Ramsay, The Lost Room, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Dexter, Cold Case

Favourite Books

Meh not at the moment

Education / Occupation

Technical Architect Usually - My current contract is a project to create a system to deploy device encryption to several thousands users devices.

Who I'd Like To Meet

People who are just themselves and don't try to mold themselves or expect anyone else to, just to fit in. People who are as content sitting chatting about random stuff with a group of friends as they are out in a club going wild. People who live their lives as opposed to just being alive!. Tantra in person, I may have to have a trip down sometime :D

Actually people I would like to meet - Sir Ian Mckellen, Marilyn Manson, Keanu Reeves, My best friend from school Anton, actually there are loads but I can't be arsed to list them :-s

Actual people I would have liked to have met - My brother who died whilst being born, Kurt Cobain, David Hume, Mark Bolan, River Pheonix, Brandon Lee, Ted Bundy, Jim Morrison, & maybe a bit randomly Morecombe & Wise.

People I would just like to have one more day with - All my Grandparents, they have all died and I do miss them.

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amychub - soEmo.co.uk

Feb 03 2011, 10:38 AM

hi, i really love your photos :) u should check out my new pics reply and tell me what you think xxx
amychub - soEmo.co.uk

Feb 03 2011, 10:37 AM

hi, i really love your photos :) u should check out my new pics reply and tell me what you think xxx
amychub - soEmo.co.uk

Feb 03 2011, 10:37 AM

hi, i really love your photos :) u should check out my new pics reply and tell me what you think xxx
amychub - soEmo.co.uk

Feb 03 2011, 10:12 AM

hi, i really love your photos :) u should check out my new pics reply and tell me what you think xxx
Tantra_B - soEmo.co.uk

Nov 02 2008, 08:33 AM

Right, this is now the second attempt at writing a reply to your comment. My brother seemed it fit to stick something metal into the living room heater and so the trip switch went, turning my computer off and losing the comment along with it. My smile when I first saw that you commented me though, was certainly one to die for :D
At any rate, hi sweetheart! I've certainly missed you, your present is still all tucked up away safe in my wardrobe :D

Anyway, I am doing rather great at the moment. A lot has happened these past few months, a lot of up and downs but I think I shall just tell you in small chunks, otherwise we'll be here forever :D Life for me personally is having a plus-side, although things at home at a bit bumpy but I suppose that balances things out a bit.
All in all though, I'm actually enjoying life and have finally realized a lot of things lately. Even thought back to some past conversations we've had, so thank you love :D
Thank you very much for taking the time to comment me though. I know I don't top the "most-important" list, but it's nice to know that I've been missed and not forgotten :) *snuggles* ^-^
Good to hear you're back with us in the "land of the living". hehe, love that :D Bloody hell, eleven operations and counting? You poor thing...I owe you a lot of special hugs now it seems :D

Again, no worries if it takes a while to reply to this comment. Just get better darling :) <3

Take care, speak to you soon.
Love you loads ^-^
xx <3 xx

Oh and P.S. It seems gay dudes are on the rise :D There are two in my college group, alone :D
SomeMorbidKid - soEmo.co.uk

Jul 05 2008, 04:31 PM

oh, and your piercing diary saved me quite abit of worrying! it was a great idea xx
SomeMorbidKid - soEmo.co.uk

Jul 05 2008, 04:30 PM

oh, we havent spoken in so long! yay, i got snakebites 15 days ago! :D so, yeah, how are you? :) xx
xxxmcremoxxx - soEmo.co.uk

Jul 02 2008, 07:37 PM

Hey !!!
Just wanted to say that I think your profile is awesome & you seem like such an interesting person.

Big Hugs :) :) :)
randa - soEmo.co.uk

Jun 24 2008, 04:17 AM

i love ur way to describe all in ur mind,,

its cool,,]]==xx

Tantra_B - soEmo.co.uk

Jun 23 2008, 03:14 PM

Hey gorgeous.

Yay for being back properly! *joins in with happy dance* :D

"Circle. ciiiiircle and THRUST and THRUST!" Hmmm.... :P

Love you loads and loads also :D <3
Tantra_B - soEmo.co.uk

Jun 17 2008, 09:13 AM

Just a comment to say I love you very, very much :D
randa - soEmo.co.uk

Jun 12 2008, 09:27 PM


i agree with u about ur comment in the forum,,

Sugar_Cane - soEmo.co.uk

May 29 2008, 02:57 AM

Hey hey (:

No worries, I know the feeling.

I'm alriight thanksyou, and yourself? Been up to much?

 - soEmo.co.uk

May 28 2008, 11:26 AM

Thanks :]

I really like how you did yours too. Especially the little scroll thingies ^.^

Good music on yours too :3

Haven't gotten around to reading all of yours yet, but I've been busy lately, so I don't spend too much time online.

And I'm doing pretty good. Stressing about end of the year exams, but it's not too bad :/
Tantra_B - soEmo.co.uk

May 27 2008, 06:17 PM

Hi sweetheart,

Your baby girl is doing quite well actually, although there is something I'd like to ask for your advice on, so I'll most likely e-mail you or something tomorrow when I'm in the mood to talk about it. That's if you don't mind me coming to you of course, but just seems like the right thing to do - go to the adorable gay dude! :P. But apart from that, I'm alright, even more strapped for cash now it's the half-term/year 11 ending. Going out, visiting people, you get the idea. You'll be pleased to know that even though I've missed out on my GCSE's, I've been e-mailing various centres/the school, to sort things out and I have a meeting this Friday and Tuesday to get it sorted properly so I can re-sit them at college later in the year. :D

Sounds like a fun few weeks actually, very sexy ;). Oh lord no! I hate it when the laptop recharger gets forgotten. I done the same thing the other day actually, luckily I didn't lose what I was doing at the time or I'd have been screwed. Although, I had to wipe it the other day and I thought I had this thing backed up on the USB stick, turned out it wasn't so yeah. Woosh goes a years work! :(

Aww why thank you, I'm glad you clarified that for me because to be honest I've only used the term on those who I consider people closest to me. I wondered why it didn't seem right saying it to EVERYONE :P. I'm glad I'm one of the privileged lovely, makes me feel all that more loved. Gosh you're such a sweetheart, I can see why everyone loves you :D

Yes that's the one "Magna Carta:Tears Of Blood" I always forget the 'tears of blood' extension :P I haven't actually been playing it this last week, affairs of the heart and the fact I'm at a slightly boring bit and can't really be bothered to play it :P. But I do know nearly all the words to the song that plays when you first load up the game. :D. It's a really good game so I suggest you play it when you get the chance.

Yes, I had a nice day with Evie, thank you. I'm meeting up with her again this saturday actually, which should be good. I was a bit quiet around her friends, but now I've seen them once, maybe I'll be more comfortable. I know I can be loud at times, it's just awkward when you're with a group of people and they've known each other years, and you've only just met them, or maybe it's just me, I don't know :P. Haha, well it's just as well she didn't add you before I told her to fill it out :D.
Tantra_B - soEmo.co.uk

May 27 2008, 06:17 PM

The new boy, affectionately known as Louis:
Ah yes, that we have. I think it's adorable though, you speak of him so highly :D What things is he doing right then? *cough* :D
Aww bless, well at least you've managed to stay strong and leave him out of your decision. Most people would have given up, but you...you have a strong will :D. Aww I agree with you when you say it would be a huge burden to carry on both of your shoulders, it'll be kind of depressing to have that floating above your relationship I'm sure. As long as your comfortable with what you're going to do, that'll be enough :D.

Oh so you've lived in London before? Ooh, what part of London did you previously live in then?

Haha, gosh I have the strangest image formed from that heart in a jar thing now. Ah well, anything that has managed to put a smile on my face is well appreciated :D. Kind of need it actually. But moving back to you! :P I'm sure he'll break in one day and smash that jar of yours, it's going to happen sooner or later. Bless the pair of you :D

Good lord, I take it, he looks *cough* good with no clothes on then? I wondered when something about a naked dude would arise in our conversation. (Quite pleased with my choice of words actually :D) Haha, you had to see it coming :P

Tantra weekend socialite:
Gosh I wish, things kind of went from the frying pan and into the fire, as the old saying goes. I did have a good saturday (this saturday just past) though, even if I did forget to put sun lotion and ended up with a red face and arms. But yeah, it was nice, I did a lot of humping and mounting that day, I'm surprised everyone wasn't scared off :P. We also managed to get our hands on a free carrot from the local groceries, the looks of people we got was hilarious I must say :D. It was so hot over here, and all I could hear from people over in Essex/Washington etc, was that it was raining. The sun burn on my cheeks has gone down a bit, but still is a little pink. Looks like I've gone all wacko with the blusher :P. Ah well was worth it though, I caught up with a few people along with this other dude (ex like - long story :P) So yeah, things are still on the awkward side but meh, we've stopped dissing each other, even though he still likes to take the piss out of me at times. *glares* :P
Tantra_B - soEmo.co.uk

May 27 2008, 06:17 PM

The hot and the heat:
Well I think that is the same with most people though, especially myself. I'm not that great a fan of the hot weather, it's just when I begin to get dehydrated and feel a little woozy that I tend to start hating it. Aww that's sad darling, be sure to keep your headache tablets close to you my love, along with those 'little ball thingies' you like so much :P Knowing me, I'll get even more headache's then I normally do, but fortunately I haven't had one lately so I'm happy.

Well it comes with the territory of hotter weather so I guess it's expected. As long as I'm not gagging when I'm walking down the street past people's back gardens, it's fine.

Mhmm, you are right there, I know we are not the hottest country, but we aren't exactly the coolest either. Although in my case, I always forget to put sun protection on, I should really be more careful. I don't want to end up like my brother. Thankfully it's cleared up now so I don't have to hear his pain 'warblings' any longer :P

Whoops :P Be sure to tell me all about them when you can won't you?

Deranged dancing and “super happy screamy Tantra”:
You go in to straight venues? *gasp* Run people! I'd be scared, haha. :P Nah, love you really? Can I go ahead and ask the most obvious question known to man? What do you prefer, gay or straight clubs? Not sure why it's so obvious though....going to have to get on that :D. 'cyber battle' - What does that involve? I mean dance-like. And a 'yay go Andy!' from me :D.

I'll have to go out more and show people my 'super happy screamy Tantra' side - I'm sure it'll be most amusing :D

Haha, that's one way to put it, an 'army'. I think the human population would die out if there were *cough* :P
Tantra_B - soEmo.co.uk

May 27 2008, 06:16 PM

Whimsical Laughable Muttering (aka Windows Live Messenger):
Well you may be right there, but I don't think it's fully operational at times though, otherwise we wouldn't sign in at all. Knowing it's "lol's" galore. *shudder*

Aww I'm sorry, you can still dress up as a little cherub for me though? After all, you have got all the things and they can't have been cheap.... just give me the sash :D You can kick all the other cherub's arses - which makes a change for you I suppose :P

No time to have ‘Never stand still’ weekends:
"Bad baby!" - I'm sure you'd have spanked him, had you not been involved with someone :P
Aww gosh he is pretty! All these pretty boys you know, no wonder you are so happy. I'm sure you didn't look like shit. :D
Tantra_B - soEmo.co.uk

May 27 2008, 06:16 PM

Aww Andy... that's so sad :( Fucking chav! *shuffles through drawers and puts angry face on* :P I'm not happy, I can tell you the least. It's all the same with these wankers, walk around thinking they own the place when really they just look like a gang of brainless sheep waddling like penguins. Gosh, it must have been quite the bump then darling you feeling ok? But like you said, at least your lovely snakebites didn't catch anything. That'd have been awful. Well awful-er :( *takes off angry face* :P

Aww!!! The poor little guy! I feel quite tearful now actually :P. Aww, bless the little gay dude. He sounds so nice, you've done well :D. At least you're alright now though sweetheart.

Sounds it darling, must have been torture :P Most of your Sundays tend to be a little sucky don't they? Then again, look at mine. Although I have two local gigs (along with three more 'successful' gigs) to look forward to, which should be good :D

‘Pimp Daddy Andy’:
Aww that is a bit harsh don't you think?! You can't prod all the little gay dudes with a stick :P And well to be honest, I don't think a stick is going to do much good, I'm sure they don't mind being poked by a tiny little stick. It's too small for a start :P

"Ekkk “gained a sort of boyfriend” *Andy breaks into a cold sweat and has to start breathing into a brown paper bag* :s, give me some warning when you’re going to say things like that to me. Haha no it’s all ok at the moment as regards Louis." Don't do that, you hear?! :P *slaps playfully* - You scared me Ands, was not funny :P
I'm half right, and there is no point in denying it. Or I'll start with the classic "covering your ears and singing 'la la la'" :P

Yay! Go us! :D t is a quality program actually, I did plan to see them at the Dome in December but due to not having the £50 at the time, it all went down the pan. Was most upset :(. As for your saying, I'm sure you are not that bad my love - one of the best I think :D
Tantra_B - soEmo.co.uk

May 27 2008, 06:16 PM

That has got to be the best description of head doctors I've seen in a long time! :D I'll be sure to aviod the wankers like a plague, just to make sure :D

Haha, well I'm sure Louis isn't an "odd gay dude" to say the least. :P

Tell me about it, that came up in discussion the other day actually because I was speaking to fast, and you know what they say... :P After all, have you heard Jade Goody trying to speak? Slow much? Anyways, I'm always speaking too fast and people always ask me to repeat myself. It get's so infuriating at times, it really does. Well the main thing is you're not a dumb bum :P

"so far I haven’t started doing it with Louis. Make of that what you want. :P" But you've seen him naked? Oh dear - I see :P

He isn't a hell of a dude, trust me :P Can be so bloody annoying at times, even more so than a moany old granny going on at you for "taking the piss out of dumb people near the freezer isle" >_<
And why thank you, I shall be most intrigued in what you think of my blogs/rants :D

Aww is that the same one that you told me about a while back? My heart has gone all weird-like now. It always happens when someone mentions hearts or something, is awful. I think I should really cut back on the caffeine actually - as I was lying down about to go to sleep after reading for a bit, my heart suddenly started hurting and I was suffering bad heart perpetrations. I know they're not harmful but meh, I didn't like the fact it hurt :P
Maybe you should put the jar under your bed or in the fridge - that way it wouldn't wake you up :D

Aww bless, in what way is he being cute and adorable? Maybe you should give your wings and harp to him in that case. Ahem, yes I'm sure he has you in the 'begging' position many a times :D. Haha, I see that you are pleased with him being a 'big dude' :P
Me? Bad? I don't know what you're talking about :P
Tantra_B - soEmo.co.uk

May 27 2008, 06:15 PM

Tantra “Spokesgirl for gays” (woo! :D):
Aww bless, if people are going to use a word to describe something shit, they should at least use a word that doesn't describe someone's homosexuality. Twats, like the rest of todays society :P I do tell people off or get a bit wound up if people say something like "ugh I'm stuck in a que, it's so gay" or "The computer is being gay again". Really pisses me off, like I showed my dear friend Lee the other day. He knows now not to use 'gay' in that way again :P
Maybe I'm just passionate, or maybe I'm just obsessed with gays. Personally, I think it's a bit of both :P

"I am just visualising you now having a mini rant, on your podium of course. :P" Great, now I'm known as always ranting about something :P. I'm not always ranting though, honest!
Would you catch me if a mad homophobic chav came running up to me and pushed my off my podium? :P

Looks like we think alike my lovely friend :)

Andy's taste in men:
Aww well that's lucky then, seems you and Louis have got quite the chance :P. Oh great you better not be taking the piss out of us shorter people :P. "pop him into my pocket"?! Nobody is going to pop me in any of their pockets, ha ha. I suppose being short does have it's advantages though I suppose. I can squeeze past all the grannies in the supermarket on a Thursday. Although I do avoid entering a supermarket on a Thursday like a plague :P.
Tantra_B - soEmo.co.uk

May 27 2008, 06:15 PM

Annoying neighbours / “chavs” / bottom feeders / embarrassment to society:
Aww bless :). Well as I said earlier, I've managed to crawl out from the ditch and sort the situation out. So long the sleepless nights! :P I'm still not sure what vocational course I should take though, (either Health Care, Childcare or Leisure&Tourism) I've got a week to make my mind up though :D

"Gas a chav" week, haha. I'm sure we'd get lots of support, I just wish they'd fuck off in general, putting it nicely. I was on some 'chav jokes' site and the amount of comments by 'chavs' supporting themselves and their way of life was ridiculous! Things like "At least we do something about immigrants in this country. We start a fight and unlike emos we don't wimp out and act like pussies" etc.... Of course their spelling wasn't like that. Was more the typings of a retard on crack :P

Straightish boys:
Aww bless him! :P Yes it does sound mean, but also strangely amusing at the same time :D You should give him a wink too from now on, I think. Then again, that may be pushing the boat to far :P.
Tantra_B - soEmo.co.uk

May 27 2008, 06:15 PM

Gay wardrobe, interesting outfits, photo shoot, catwalk:
Noooooooooo! The sly bastard! They can't do that! I like your hair as it is! :P
Hmph. Ah well, as long as it isn't a chavvy "one haircut" I'm happy. And like you said, it'll grow :D. Just keep hmming away and the time shall fly by.
Aww bless, I knew you'd be nervous :P.
I'm sorry, this is going to sound so mean but after reading, "(when we used to do the promo shoots for Fairy Likuid the guy just used to scream at us, no fun at all)." I just burst out laughing, sorry. The most stereotypical, clichéd image came up in my head. :P
All I could imagine was this really camp gay dude, dressed flamboyant with a feather boa screaming his head off whilst shaking his arms around and stamping his foot :P He probably didn't look anything like that but still, it does sound pretty funny.
Oh lord, that puts it quite well, I think. Poser :P
Ah right, the range doesn't sound to bad, and to think you were fretting over the "emo chic" thing :P. He's a bit of a hypocrite isn't he, this Louis? Who's the proper model here? Yet he's the one laughing at you? Hmph. :D
Sound like you had fun at the catwalk, I'm pleased sweetheart. I don't quite understand the heads either, but ah well, as long as these people know what they are doing and all that :P

You promise not to turn into a diva? I hope so - all this fancy fashion shoots. It wouldn't surprise me :P
And all I've done lately is stay at home like I always do :( Doesn't help that one of my closest friends gets rung by either her dad/mum/nan to see when she'll be home. Where she is, and who she's with. Funny thing is, she's 17 this October and we only ever hang out in the day time. Also due to the dad being an arse, this Friday's plans have been a let down, I was going to sleep round her house but because her dad is working nights, he doesn't trust us ¬_¬.
Anyways, I'm getting a little pissed off at this, so I'm going to move on.
Tantra_B - soEmo.co.uk

May 27 2008, 06:14 PM

Alcohol and drug life:
Well it all depends on the persons giggle really doesn't it? It may be a real likeable quality but I think I'd get annoyed if the person in question had the most irriating giggle ever :P
*gasp* Your medal has not yet arrived? I sent it quite the while ago...hmmm :P
And many thanks for passing my "aww bless" on :D.

Oh lord, don't mention banana's to me (don't ask :P) :D. But I see where you are coming from, haha.

Haha, good lord Andy! Sounds very sexual indeed. You quite like the thrusting don't you? :P

Yay! Go me! :D I do feel proud, very proud indeed actually. May the term "gay dude" live on forever :P Along with gay dudes too :D Can't forget them now can we?
Tantra_B - soEmo.co.uk

May 27 2008, 06:14 PM

Honesty, truth and intelligent conversation:
Hehe, your words are so kind sweetheart :) I'm so, so glad we are friends too :D

Incomplete, unfilled and poorly thought out profiles:
Haha, so I don't get a gay dancer? o.O Ah well he'll have to do I suppose :P I'll poke him if he doesn't clean my podium up to my standards. And he doesn't need much caring for? Just throw him in the cupboard, got it!

Ah yes, back to the theme...I seem to have a thing for going off-topic lately :P I too, have noticed that actually, it does bring a smile to one's face to see people bothering with soemo.co.uk :)

"I settled quite happily with “OurAndy”, although technically isn’t it now “MyAndy”/”Tantra’sAndy” from other conversations. :P". Ah so you remembered then? I was starting to worry you'd had forgotten about you being mine. Muahahaha! :D

Awww, so even though it was one of your 'spur of the moment' things, you sort of needed it? I get that feeling. I'm going through a half-hiatus at the moment, myself to be honest. It's shite and it's breaking my heart, but it's how it's got to be. Moooving on! :P
By 'equipment' do you mean Louis? I'm sure you two would be able to pass the time there :P
Passer-by, "Golly, look at that"
Andy, pulling up his trousers - "Oh, I didn't realise you were opening just yet" :P :D

Painted nails and such a gay night:
Ah so your birthday is two days before mine :D (well not technically, but you get what I mean. So I expect no remarks :P). Oh no, I know what those nervous whistles suggest :P. I think us leo's should stick together, (and not being bias or anything :P) but I think it's the best star sign :D
Tantra_B - soEmo.co.uk

May 27 2008, 06:14 PM

"Yeah I can only assume that such people think we may be as week minded and week willed as they are and so that what they say may get to us, like you said “sad and pathetic”." - WEAK not week! :D. Tut tut tut, Andy, I'm disappointed in you :P

I'll have to be sure to hear the infamous camp "oh my god" from you, one day then :D

I've been feeling well lately thank you for your concern :). I haven't been as happy as I can be but meh, at least I haven't been feeling ill or anything. Although these past two days, I have shown signs that I may have an inner-ear infection. So I'll be sure to get that checked out as earaches can be a right pain in the arse.

Haha, well we can't hiss at the cute one's now can we? I'm the same, anyone cute or showing any sign of difference gets spared the hiss. :D

Luckily I'm getting sick of cappuccinos and coffees *she says sipping from her cappuccino cup* :D. But still, I brought 5 more boxes of herbal teas today, so I'm pleased :D. The dandelion one may take a bit getting used to though :s

Haha, I'm glad I've managed to make an impression with the herbal tea :D (See, I'm not always boring :P) Haha, when have we got to be in the padded cells by? Grr, I'll just sneak into yours and we can stay up all night discussing various debates :D

That sounds like quite the idea, your page shall be overran with scroll-boxes at this rate, so be careful my love.

Haha, oh you do? Well you can keep the scones then, only if I get to have some, some time in the future :P

Laptop addiction:
Good lord, what a title Ands :D
Aww, and what did these 'distractions' consist of? :P

Luckily I've been able to keep an eye on my purse lately, although it seems to be going so quick today! I've got two train journeys to account for on Friday, along with the entrance fee to my friend's gig. Then there's the Horsham trip on the Saturday, along with getting more credit for my mobile. Ugh! I went shopping in Tescos' earlier, and it came to £40. £40!! :P All I brought was a box of cappuccinos, as well as three cups, a few boxes of herbal tea and a few veggies and some light dinners. Was not pleased :P
Tantra_B - soEmo.co.uk

May 27 2008, 06:14 PM

Gay dudes with a great female form:
If I may, how come she's now known as your former best friend? (Gosh, I'm nosy :P)
Aww you quite like the putting photos down bit don't you? She looks nice, I must say. I see what you mean :)

Haha, it's hard holding a rant back isn't it? It's like you are physically trying to hold it back :P
But yeah, I do admit I had a face like a smacked arse after the incident occurred. And yeah I know I'm a little too skinny but I can't help it if I eat well and look after myself? We can't all be blobby :P Great now I've got Mr Blobby in my head, haha. If it weren't two in the morning, I'd most likely start doing a chicken dance in my room or something.

You'd think the gay/lesbian scene would understand how someone feels and wouldn't try to force them into being someone they aren't. After all, they're different in terms of sexuality, right? :) I feel loads of rants knocking at my bedroom door, but if I can block the door with my bed, I should be in good form :D. Gosh you really do feel strongly about this bi-sexual thing don't you? Puts a smile on my face sweetheart :D. I'm glad, you're not like others when it comes to people, including myself, being bi-sexual :)
As you said, it is ironic - idiots! To think I stick up for them so strongly, hmph :P

Haha, sorry about that :P. It was the only was I could get my point across properly.

ANDY?!!!!!!!!!!! *shouts and holds a glass cup, aiming at you* :P. What is the meaning of this?!
"Haha, well, as I said I was a bit of a meat head, lol." ?
You better have a good explanation for this young man! :P. Lol? LOL?!! Bad boy! :D

Yays! Oh it's the first one there? No wonder you are so excited, bless :D. I'm sure you'll have loads to tell me about it once it's actually gone and passed. You'll be buzzed for ages, I think :P

Gay bars:
I love the fact you say "ekkk" :P Like you've seen a rat or something, the fact you are gay makes it all the much better :D
Haha, I shall look forward to hearing how it gets worse :D Haha, oh I bet you have, my love ;)

Not all men are arseholes, formally known as Vegetarianism (How the hell did that happen? :P):
*gasp* You can't do that! Matt's mine! :P. You pull my hair and I'll kick you in the balls, I'm short enough :D. So be warned my love, haha.

Andy’s culinary skills, aka, Andy the Uber Chef :P:
Well that makes sense really doesn't it? "What's the point?" :P, of making a fancy-pants meal for one person? I've moved on from toast for a while actually, I think the toaster was a little worried about being thrown out the window :P.

Well you know what they say about intelligent people - they get bored easily. Why do you think 'chavs' are pleased with their lifestyle? :P

Why thank you :) Although I wouldn't mind working/writing for something that's based on the more rock/alternative scene :D

If you start that paper bag rubbish again I'll be sure to keep on saying it :P Might go ahead and kill you on Sims 2 now :P. Although the little Andy is close to being an "elder" he's only got 8 days left :P. May have to cheat and bring him back to the beginning of his "adult" lifeline :D

If you read the scroll box thingy on my page, you'd know if I got a scanner in the end or not... :P. But no, none luck so far :( The day I was going to get one, the price was boosted up from £60 to £160 - even though they were on deal the day before I went to get one. Damn my laziness! >_<
Tantra_B - soEmo.co.uk

May 27 2008, 06:13 PM

Andy's sexy snakebites:
Aww I'm glad the snakebites are going down a treat :D. They really do suit you, you know. I love them and I love you so so so much. This much, *outstretches arms* I may be small but my love is strong :P, haha. And of course you're going to take pictures of your new hair; you're not getting out of it now boy! :P

Hee hee, I know :P I couldn't help it, it's a natural instinct of mine. I see something I can turn in to something sexual, and I done something about it. Haha, aww I'm glad it made you giggle :D Made myself giggle, re-reading it actually.

I like games that allow the user to make various decisions and how it effects the storyline and the ending, intrigues me most. I quite like the "Shadow Hearts" series, the second one is the best, has the most endings. Have only got one left to go now :P.

What do you mean odd? :P Hmph. To think I spoke highly of you in the "Great friends you have made on the site" topic :P.

The Gay Men’s Bible:
Yay! :D I look most forward to it my sweetheart. <3

And you say I'm the liar! :P, I bet you have shaken many a willies, haha. ;). Willy sounds so...small :P

Why thank you :D. You're ever so sweet too you know. I love you loads, also :)
Take a look at my Myspace and it's much nicer, I've done a list of a few friends, but only written a bit about the ones I love most. So you should be honoured. I think you'll like what I wrote about you :D
Tantra_B - soEmo.co.uk

May 27 2008, 06:13 PM

Scroll boxes on profile:
Ah I see, please forget that remark above about not reading my scroll boxes :P
Why thank you, I quite like the scroll boxes too. And I think your scroll boxes are used in an efficient way - especially now you put the "piercing diary" in one :P

100 Things about me:
What was the one I mentioned again? :P It's alright, your reply came here at last :D

Andy's well-deserved apology:
I would just like to quickly say that I apologise for my lack of a quality reply this time around. As I've mentioned, I'm not all here lately and I shall be sure to put more effort into my replies from now on. It's not like I was rushing or anything, it's like I've got some strange writers-block and my mind isn't fully functioning as it keeps going back to a certain guy... :/

Yes I'm well thanks darling, but I'm far from gorgeous today :P Like most days, haha. I still feel a little sick from the taxi home earlier. (I mentioned going to Tesco's didn't I? Well it was heavy :P, so I ended up taking a taxi but the traffic on the roads was ridiculous, the fare ended up coming to a tenner. For a 4 minute car ride home. I don't have money to spare as it is! >_<
Anyways, I hope you are well too my lovely sweetheart <3

Love you uber-muchly :P

Take care, lovely.

Oh and about your phone getting lost, I wondered why you didn't reply to my text o.O

xXxXx I love you xXxXx :D <3
Tantra_B - soEmo.co.uk

May 17 2008, 04:59 PM

Oh as for noticing your pictures, you've taught me well :D

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