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Emo lyricsSOMEONE PLEASE! Get me out of here AND CALL THE DOCTOR 'Cos I'm outta my head I don't mind just what your little preacher says You won't be laughing baby when you're deadEmo song lyrics
(Fearless Vampire Killlers - Necromania)

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Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

DemonicDreams's Journal

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Mar 05 2014, 08:04 AM

Pretty? A lot of people think I am. Emotionally stable? Not exactly, a lot of things have happened in the past few years, and I've done a lot of things that I shouldn't have. I've gotten myself and my friends into trouble and hurt a lot of people....When I figure out that I hurt someone, anyone at all, it hurts me emotionally, and then, to get rid of the emotional pain, I hurt myself physically. I'm not the most stable person, not the smartest in school or real life situations. I don't like seeing anyone get hurt. I would risk my life to save someone even if they were my enemy. I don't want anyone to be hurt because of me. I'd do anything to prevent someone from getting hurt from my actions and decisions...It's just best that most people stay away from me. I push a lot of people that I love away from me because I know that if i let them get to close that they'll get hurt somehow because of me....

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Feb 06 2014, 09:19 AM

1. What is the meaning of life? 2. Why are we all alive? 3. Why are we here dealing with all of the problems of the world? 4. Why do all of these problems exist? 5. What is love?6. Why does love exist? 7. Why do we need it so much? 8. Why do we need to be with someone? 9. Why do we depend on each other so much? 10. Why can't we do things by ourselves?
We don't know the answer to all of these questions, but the answer to some of them is simply because we are human, nothing more. We are small, fragile, overly emotional, extremely impressionable, easily stressed, easily hurt, curious, superstitious tiny humans. And we're living in a big world with a whole lot of scary places, beliefs of ghosts and demons, haunted houses, and dark cemetery's.
Because we're so curious about things, because we always want to know more about everything, we explore. Sometimes we are stupid and go places that no one should go, and then we don't come back.
We have the expression of, "Curiosity killed the cat." That expression means that being to curious, and going places and doing things you shouldn't do because you are curious about it, can get you killed.
We all know what we should and should't do, but, we're human, and we don't like to be told what to do and what's right and wrong. We don't like being told we can't do something, and that's because we are stubborn.
Sometimes we don't care what people say we shouldn't do and we do it anyway. A lot of those things get us hurt, but, we won't admit that we were wrong and they were right, because we're stubborn.
We're only human, we didn't have a choice when we were brought into this world. But we have a choice on how we're going to live it. We can make our own decisions. Whether they're the right or wrong decision depends on us and what we think we should do.
We can have a long life on earth or a very short life. It depends on us. Depends on how we choose to spend our time here... What am I going to do?

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Feb 05 2014, 06:43 AM

I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do anymore. No matter what I do someone gets mad at me or I hurt someone, so I just do nothing, and then they avoid me...I'm ignored and laughed at and criticized everyday and they don't care. I don't care. It doesn't matter anymore. I've cut so many times and have so many scars that one more cut won't make a single difference. It will only become one more scar, one more memory, representing one last effort to feel something other than sadness.

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Total Journal Entries: 3