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Everybody lost to the world outside Trying to fill a hole that will grow till the day that you die Never knew it would be this way Living in a place that u never wanna face night and day Never knew it would be this way And it drives me crazy Busted, by Hot Action Cop

Emo Song Lyrics - Crestillion (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "My eternity withering away. Immortality lost within a day. I will find my own way out of this butterfly maze."
    Butterfly Maze, by Crestillion
  • "As much as I fear you, I keep drawing near you, not knowing what I'll find. You're too lost to escape, let me in, let me break the prison of your mind."
    Light High, by Crestillion
  • "I think I saw you in my dreams, I think I heard your heartbeat. Touch me, just me..."
    Light High, by Crestillion
  • "It's a pity all the stories about us never to be told, lost to the distance of old. I realise butterflys are following from the sky--y-y, dropping dead right before my eyes."
    Butterfly Maze, by Crestillion
  • "Close to perfection, you'll see clear when you're on the ground, with broken wings, we'll see you're strength and know you're beautiful."
    Unbreakable, by Crestillion
  • "I don't know what you want from me Couldn't leave you even if you'd set me free somehow i feel there's more to us than just a scent of death"
    Light High, by Crestillion
  • "Touch me, crush me, Mold me to your will, I'd like to see you try, I'm not one to break so easily."
    Light High, by Crestillion
  • "Stick to the path! There's no sight of time, the clock hands moving past my eyes. It just goes on, it just goes. We need to go back, I won't let go. Will there be time to save you? I don't wish to see you fall!"
    Paradox, by Crestillion
  • "Let me hear, our fraction of time is near, lost inside, we're reaching our last seconds. Is it too late? Rewind, redo. I'm trapped in a paradox!"
    Paradox, by Crestillion
  • "I felt we are all innocent, but felt we are all doomed from the start. A gentle touch, a soft whisper, I've never had, I've never felt a change of heart."
    Til The End, by Crestillion

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