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Damn good thing it isn't a crime, I've got a dirty, dirty gun up against my head. Cleanse and purge the ill from the inside. A burning conscience severs the stem. Stem, by Static-X

Emo Song Lyrics - ERRA (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "Your eyes mean more to me than this world and it's entirety."
    separate and coalesce, by ERRA
  • "Inhumanity crowns the earth. This hybrid birth. Momentum is your venom. clinging to the progress, we embrace the toxin. Children of the ancients, you've forgotten innocence. Unkept instincts, enslaved inefficient."
    Hybrid Birth, by Erra
  • "I am the distorted one I am a prisoner in this body bound and chained to flesh Rebirth"
    Rebirth, by Erra
  • "The Dreams in which I'm dying are the best Ive ever had."
    Mad World, by Terrance Green

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