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Believe in me, When you feel like you're losing all your hopes and dreams. Believe in me, When I am gone, you gotta keep a smile on. Believe in me, Goodbye, my friends, just celebrate the times we spent. Believe, by Blood On The Dance Floor

Emo Song Lyrics - Halestorm (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "I slither like a viper and get you by the neck, I know 1000 ways to help you forget about her. That bitch can eat her heart out!"
    Love Bites(So do I), by Halestorm
  • "everytime try to get a lil closer. u shut down and da conversations over. im right here but u leave me in da dark. show me ur private parts!"
    Priate Parts, by Halestorm
  • "Here's to us. Here's to love. Here's to all when we fucked up. Here's to us. Raise a glass. 'Cause the last few days have kicked my ass"
    Here's To Us, by Halestorm
  • "Welcome to the nightmare in my head. My gosh! Say hello to something scary. A monster in ur bed. My gosh! Just give in and u won't b sorry. Welcome to my evil side. Now it's Mz.Hyde"
    Mz.Hyde, by Halestorm
  • "Give it up baby wut r u afraid of? Love sucks when u don't know wut it's made of. We get naked but i can't undress ur heart. Show me ur private parts!"
    Private Parts, by HaleStorm
  • "I'm on the train that's pulling the sick and twisted, making the most of the ride before we get arrested, we're all wasted, and were not going home tonight."
    Freak Like Me, by Halestorm

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