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This Time You've Taken It To Far. All I Want To Do Is Fight. Can't You See You Pushing Me Over. Control Freak This Is Who You Are. All I Want To Do Is Fight. I Get The Urge To Fight. Fight, by Dirty Youth

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  • "Monster, How should I feel? Creatures lie here Looking through the window That night he caged her Bruised and broke her He struggled closer Then he stole her Violet wrists and then her ankles Silent pain Then he slowly saw their nightmares were his dreams"
    Monster, by Meg and Dia
  • "It's been a minute, love Wish we never broke it off I hated that we separated Can't forget you, no"
    Kill My Boyfriend, by Natalia Kills
  • "Why am i still suffocated, I'm constantly devastated, just to stay alive"
    Suffocated, by Orianthi
  • "According to you I'm stuped I'm useless I can't do anything right According to you I difficult hard to please for ever changing my mind I'm a mess in a dress can't show up on time even if it would save my life..."
    According To You, by Orianthi
  • " According to you I'm stuped I'm useless I can't do anything right According to you I difficult hard to please for ever changing my mind I'm a mess in a dress can't show up on time even if it would save my life... "
    according to you, by orianthi
  • "When it all goes down Will you be around? When I ever need you Will you be there?"
    Forgotten And Without A Boat, by Red Handed Denial
  • "you could break my heart, you could tear my soul apart but you cant hurt me anymore, i have grown numb from all your beatings every word has no meaning anymore i feel broken the monster inside me has awoken and is no longer afraid to fight back"
    innocent, by rianbow_emo
  • "Similar starting points, both for sin, and shooting blanks but it's always, the unseen sharp pang. The awkward rhythm of the dance like a tick-tock clock, in that heart of hearts repeating, there is no happy here!"
    Some Natures Catch No Plagues, by Saetia
  • "But sometimes I can't help feeling numb through And through closed hands on open arms hold nothing "
    Closed hands, by Saetia
  • "for at the end of this long rope I hang in wait of fading echos uncertainty haunts my everything I look into tomorrow and I see nothing..."
    The Burden of Reflecting, by Saetia
  • "The dance of flesh on flesh. I look into eyes; i look into stone. It's better to be stepped on than left all alone. i choke on yesterday when i was someone, and i wonder where forever went"
    Venus and Bacchus, by Saetia
  • "You will destroy me with words that you have never spoken."
    One Dying Wish, by Saetia
  • "Cause you love me, you love me, then die tonight."
    Lie Lie Lie, by Serj Tankian
  • "Dont you see their bodies burning, Desolate and full of yearning. Dieing of anticiption, Choking from intoxication"
    Empty Walls, by Serj Tankian
  • "If It Aint Broke...Dont Fix It...If It Aint Gone Dont Miss It... If You Believe Its Love Then Dnt Let Them Change Your Mind"
    My 2 Cents, by Shane Piasecki
  • "Help, i have done it again I have been here so many time before hurt myself again today and the worst part is there's no one else to blame"
    Breathe Me, by Sia
  • "help i have done it again,i have been here many times before, hurt myself again today and the worst part is theres noone else to blame..."
    breathe, by sia
  • "I stand tall when they want me to fall I don't care what my pers say I'm gonna do this my way"
    Stand tall, by Social Repose
  • "[You're] the closest thing to perfect, but the farthest thing from me."
    The Closest Thing, by The Juliana Theory
  • "In your eyes I see a darkness that torments you and in your head where it dwells"
    Into The Darkness, by The Juliana Theory
  • "I choke back each tear that bleeds Id rather rest forever in your arms, Id rather stay here then go, But I know that I should leave, As i sit here helpless"
    August in bethany, by The Juliana Theory
  • "So pop that pill and put another fake smile on your face Just cause the sun rises tomorrow doesn't mean you'll make it through today"
    Eagle Mount Drive, by Valencia
  • "my dreams destroyed my hope is gone no I am, I'm lost inside a sea of burning tears"
    inside, by voicians
  • "We fall, we fall in love with strangers killing time we fall, we fall in love with strangers in the night "
    Strangers, by William Control
  • "There's just one thing, all I want you to do, A small something here's my body to use, Show the world how to fear and blaspheme, Here's the rope pull it tight Show me dark and obscene "
    Razors Edge, by William Control
  • "If I could find a way to see this straight, I'd run away To some fortune that I, I should have found by now I'm waiting for this cough syrup to come down, come down"
    Cough Syrup, by Young the Giant
  • "am i.. suppose to be happy?when all i ever wanted it comes with a price. you said.. you said that you would die for me"
    cat and mouse, by your guardian angel
  • "There's a boy at your high school, he's a bit like you, He likes the color black, just like you do, But he's too shy to talk, and you don't have the nerve. "
    Small Town Love Story, by ZephyrianTide

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