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My heart now it always breaks, the blood did drip and I did take, another wish, another kiss, no more will for me to kill. We'd run away in our dismay, but please, come back to me. The Ground Folds (Acoustic), by Senses Fail

Emo Song Lyrics - Jack (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "Let me be! Let me alone! Water me: My memories are wilting"
    Yeah Yeah Yeah, by Jack Conte
  • "Watch me fault her You're living like a disaster She said kill me faster with strawberry gashes all over I lay quiet waiting for her voice to say Some things you lose and some things you just give away"
    Strawberry Gashes, by Jack off Jill
  • "He said that he would stay forever forever wasn't very long He said that he would take the high road He thought that I was always wrong Cause when he lied it meant he loved me And when he lied it meant he cared"
    Rabiteen, by Jack off Jill
  • "When I am queen they all will see the patron saint of self-injury the glitter sores will heal themselves I'll play the part of someone else"
    When I Am Queen, by Jack off Jill
  • "We are desensitized I've lost my only friend Left here alone again They left me here alone"
    Working With Meat, by Jack off Jill
  • "If you've ever been alone in the dark blue If you've ever been alone you'll know (you'll know)"
    Dark Blue, by Jack's Mannequin

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