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It comes in waves, I close my eyes Hold my breath and let it bury me I’m not okay and it’s not alright Won’t you drag the lake and bring me home again? Drown, by Bring Me The Horizon

Emo Song Lyrics - Liars Hands (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "Cause I can't save you, I can't take away your pain, I can't love you like she loves you, I can't make everything okay . . ."
    I'm Not A Hero, by Liars Hands
  • "I can't save you, I can't take away your pain, I can't love you like she loves you, I can't make everything okay"
    I'm Not A Hero, by Liars Hands
  • "Could you tell that I'd been cryin if I hid my face away Could you see the bruises that he left every morning of every day "
    What If I Told You, by Liars Hands
  • "The fire in your eyes, I can see what's going through your mind, hearing your voice, every word of endearment being a lie . . . "
    What's Changed, by Liars Hands
  • "But every time you scream & shout I can feel the pain that your heart pours out && I love it so dearly The adrenaline rush drowns out my headache && the hatred surpasses all the heartbreak && Oh, I adore it, Baby "
    Sweet Agony, by Liars Hands
  • "but even now that he's dead I can't seem to get him anywhere near outta my mind his ghost is the wind that plays with my skin as I stand here in the middle of the night"
    Ghost of Him, by Liars Hands
  • "No he never understood what it meant to me when he told me i love you no he never understood what I meant when I told him I f****** hate you"
    Ghost of Him, by Liars Hands
  • "It's raining outside the tears pouring from my eyes and my heart beat is slowly fading It's raining outside the pulse in my body is faint as I'm sitting here waiting just for you to call . . ."
    Goodbye, by Liars Hands
  • "I can't shake the feeling that you're somewhere watching my body move from side to side I've got you wrapped around my finger and I don't wanna hear a single word of all your lies . . ."
    Shaking Fingertips, by Liars Hands
  • "There's something in your eyes tonight telling me a secret of the dead but i can't seem to hear a thing while I lie on these white sheets blood stained red"
    Stained, by Liars Hands
  • "What happened when I tore your heart out draining your love with every calloused shout those blood stained tears sending chills straight through me But I can't seem to feel a thing "
    Stained, by Liars Hands
  • "Save me the pain of their whispers all their meanings becoming my curse"
    Always Yours, by Liars Hands
  • "Closing my eyes I can see the end coming towards me don't say those words, I don't wanna hear them smothering my breathing I guess it's true I knew from the start that this broken heart was always yours to break"
    Always Yours, by Liars Hands

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