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Emo Song Lyrics - Mayday Parade (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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Mayday Parade...

Mayday Parade - Just say you're not into it
And today meant nothing, because youre gone. And I swear that this meant everything to me, because my hearts not home.

Mayday Parade - Black Cat
Your inspiration is the loss of aboslutely everything...

Mayday Parade - Three Cheers for Five Years
If I died right now, you'd never be the same...

Mayday Parade - Three Cheers for Five Years
It's just another night, another dream wasted on you.

Mayday Parade - Three Cheers for Five Years
I thought I could live in your arms. And spend every moment i had with you. stay up all night with the stars. confess all the faith that i had in you.

Mayday Parade - Miserable at Best
But compared to your eyes nothing shines quite as bright.

Mayday Parade - When You Get Home, Your So Dead
And consider this song a gift as you feel him on his lips & he's making you scream with his hands on your hips.

Mayday Parade - Terrible Things
She said, Boy can I tell you, a terrible thing? It seems that I'm sick and I've only got weeks. Please, don't be sad now, I really believe You were the greatest thing that ever happened to me

Mayday Parade - Without The Bitter the Sweet Isn't As Sweet
We fell by the wayside and slowly watched ourselves die, a lonley death in which, no one cared and no one came. When the walls cave in we only have ourselves to blame.

Mayday Parade - When I get home you're so dead
Consider this as a gift as you taste him on your lips And he's making you scream with his hands on your hips

Mayday Parade - The Silence
Every night she cries And dies a little more each time Say you love me Nothing left inside Say you love me And the silence will set her free

Mayday Parade - Jamie All Over
I had a dream last night we Drove out to see Las Vegas We lost ourselves in the bright lights

Mayday Parade - so far away
She's eighteen Much too young to know what a kiss like that would mean But her lips, they weren't no stranger to the touch And she liked it way too much

Mayday Parade - Three Cheers For Five Years
Inside I hope you know I'm dying with my heart beside me in shattered pieces that may never be replaced. And if I died right now you'd never be the same.

Mayday Parade - Your song
[2x] And I could call you 'baby doll' all the time And you'd whisper in my ears, you'd say (whisper in my ears, you'd say) I missed you boy Sing it over again, and over again, and over again

Mayday Parade - Call Me Hopeless But Not Romantic
Why do you cry when you're falling asleep? And girl, how can you love without you ever losing it all Don't put your faith in this, when you won't believe it

Mayday Parade - Hold Onto Me
I could never leave I will never leave so hold onto me, hold onto me.

Mayday Parade - Miserable at best
I get the point that I should leave you alone but we both know that I'm not that strong.

Mayday Parade - Terrible Things
Now son I'm only telling you this because life can do terrible things you'll learn one day ill hope and ill pray that God shows you differently

Mayday Parade - Terrible Things
Boy can I tell you a te=ible thing it seems that I'm sick and I've only got weeks. Please don't be sad now I really belive you were the greatest,Thing that ever happened to me.

Mayday Parade - ghosts
Theres a ghost in my bedroom & hes dying to meet you!

Mayday Parade - Three Cheers For Five Years
So sleep alone tonight with no one here just by your side. Sleep alone tonight.

Mayday Parade - Three Cheers For Five Years
I can't forget you.I know that you want me to want you, I want to. But I can't forgive you. So when this is over don't blow your composure.

Mayday Parade - Black Cat
But stop the tape, The sunset still looks fake to me The hero looks like he can't breathe

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