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You're a living lie In my memory Confused in mind Just get away from me Wall of Lies, by Flawed Element

Emo Song Lyrics - Medic Droid (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "dont get mad jefree star because i made you snort alot of my cum while i fucked you in the ass"
    fer sure, by Medic Droid
  • "And as we kiss I remember how it felt to fall in love when i was young but i can't get that feeling back. She's got a killers grin on or maybe I'm just too jaded now. My god the killer is waiting "
    The Killer Anna, by Medic Droid
  • "Pulled up at a stop light/ did drugs on the dashboard/ look at the mess we made tonight."
    Fer Sure, by The Medic Droid
  • "No jk, jk, jk, jk, lololol I heart your fucking make-up, Oh my God I love your hair. Is that a new tattoo? Did that piercing fucking hurt? No jk, jk, jk, jk, lololol We're not falling in love, we're just falling apart."
    Fer Sure, by The Medic Droid

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