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I don't know what you want from me Couldn't leave you even if you'd set me free somehow i feel there's more to us than just a scent of death Light High, by Crestillion

Emo Song Lyrics - Silverstein (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "Second chances are weapons, a loaded gun underneath the bed. Second chances are weapons, it's turned on you in the end."
    With Second Chances, by Silverstein
  • "I may not have been what you wanted me to have been for your firstborn. Do they mourn my life, or celebrate my death?"
    In a Place of Solace, by Silverstein
  • "I can never go back to the way I used to be before this started..."
    Idea Of March, by Silverstein
  • "Tie me up with sheets, and hang me from your tree. I'll stay out here all night, it doesn't even matter. As long as I can see into your room and feel like I'm inside your life, I'll follow you forever..."
    Idea Of March, by Silverstein
  • "Don't cut me down just yet, I'll make things right again. Don't close your blinds on me..."
    Ides Of March, by Silverstein
  • "And every step I take, I stay in the same place..."
    Ides Of March, by Silverstein
  • "I can't begin to start again, why can't I just be perfect?"
    Ides Of March, by Silverstein
  • "And if my lungs still let me breathe Would you be there for me?"
    Smashed Into Pieces, by Silverstein
  • "You broke my heart, you promised me the moon & stars. I fell for your dreams, i fell for your lies! There was no other way, you know i tried (Lights part)"
    The End, by Silverstein (feat.Lights)

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