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Emo lyricsI am not afraid to keep on living, I am not afraid to walk this world aloneEmo song lyrics
(My Chemical Romance - Famous Last Words)

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Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

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Dúné - Please bring me back
Please bring me back, to the town where I was born, to the town where I don't belong

D.R.U.G.S. - The Hangman
Sometimes, sometimes, hate can be so beautiful. Yeah, hate can be so beautiful...

D.R.U.G.S. - Mr. Owl Ate My Metal Worm
If dying is you way out then count me in I'm coming, maybe a different spin, and I'm so used to being a coward it's all I've ever been. I quit before I win.

D.R.U.G.S. - Graveyard Dancing
We won't be living for long so just fly with me, die with me babe.

D.R.U.G.S. - Mr.Owl Ate My Metal Worm
I'd like to keep cutting, but I can't stand to watch myself bleed.

DAGames - Layers of Fear
I can't believe that you're gone, when will the pain stop haunting my life and blaming me? I feel too far to tell if I'm dead or alive.

DAGames - Follow, Greet, Wait and Repeat
You're despicable, demonicle scum. You're a criminal, incaved by sadness, your life is doomed with fright. Can't you see, you'll bow to your knees? For your forgiveness dependent on defamation, we choose your fate tonight.

Dalton Rapattoni - Clockwork
and it acts like clockwork the midnight heartaches right on time and it acts like clockwork the regular breakdowns half past nine and you tell them that you're fine...

Damien Rice - Delicate
So why do you fill my sorrow With the words you've borrowed From the only place you've know And why do you sing Hallelujah If it means nothing to you Why do you sing with me at all?

Damien Rice - 9 crimes
Leave me out with the waste This is not what I do It is wrong kind a place To be cheating on you... <3*

Dance Gavin Dance - Chucky vs The Giant Tortise
Let's live in this delusion that we don't live in perpetual confusion and there's meaning to our lives.

Dance Gavin Dance - TurnOffTheLights, I'm Watching Back to the Fu
Overcome by circumstance I put my life in the devil's hands Fell lower than before, lower than ever before I know it's hard to forgive me now But I swear I've taught myself how to barricade the door I won't go there anymore

Dance Gavin Dance - betrayed by the game
damaged pride and vulnerable, all my fears are open now. never thought this would hit me so hard...

danny saucedo - in the club
Alright, alright, so let me get a second now To clear my head from everything that's spinning round and round I've seen you checkin' me out Don't be a stranger, please come around

Danny Worsnop - Savior
Im alive Breathing deeper than I've ever breathed before, and I owe it all to you, Im coming home.

Dark Tranquility - Focus Shift
Your face is a map I fail to discover Drowned in the sound so lost in the order Its an understated word the unbreaking knowledge Interlocked and holding, a stalemate to break I take hold of the flame that unites In the silence that speaks to me now

Dark Tranquility - Feast of Burden
Faithfully holding fast Steaming ahead unknowing Careless again it seems Oblivious to the pressure The Feast of burden begins

darude - sandstorm
do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do

Dashboard Confessional - Screaming Infidelities
As for now I'm gonna hear the saddest songs and sit alone and wonder how you're making out. as for me i wish that i was anywhere with anyone, making out

Dashboard Confessional - The Sharp Hint Of New Tears
On the way home this car hears my confessions. I think tonight I'll take the long way.

Dashboard Confessional - Hands Down
Breathe in for luck Breathe in so deep This air is blessed You share with me This night is wild So calm and dull These hearts, they race From self-control Your legs are smooth As they graze mine We're doing fine We're doing nothing at all

Dashboard Confessional - Several Ways To Die Trying
We are, we are intrigued. We are, we are invisible. Oh how we've shouted, how we've screamed, take notice, take interest, take me with you.

Dashboard Confessional - Vindicated
I am selfish/ I am wrong/ I am right/ I swear I'm right/ I swear I knew it all along

Dashboard Confessional - Broken Hearts on Concrete Floors
And i know that you hope for longer goodbyes, embracing for forever and falling in your eyes

Dashboard Confessional - Hands Down
My hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me. So won't you kill me, so I die happy.

Dashboard Confessional - So Long , So Long
And I will leave under the cover Of summer's kiss upon the sky Like the stone-face of your lover Just before she says, goodbye

Dashboard Confessional - Stolen
We watch the season pull up its own stage and catch the last weekend of the last week. Before the gold and the glimmer have been replaced another sun soaked season fades away you have stolen my heart<3

Dashboard Confessional - So Long , So Long
How the girls could turn to ghosts before your eyes And the very dreams that led to them are keeping them from dying (keeping them) And how the grace with which she walked into your life Will stay with you in your steps, and pace with you a while

Dashboard Confessional - best deceptions
im waiting for blood to flow through my fingers i'll be alright when my hands get warm

Dashboard Confessional - Hands Down
My hopes are so high, that your kiss might kill me. So won't you kill me, so I die happy. My heart is yours to fill or burst, to break or bury, or wear as jewelery, which ever you prefer.

Dashboard Confessional - So Long , So Long
I was certain that the season could be held between my arms Just as Summer's hold is fleeting I was here) but now I'm gone

Dashboard Confessional - Living In Your Letters
Breathe deeply from this envelope it smells like you and I can't be without that scent. It's filling me with all you mean to me.

Daughter - Alone/ With You
I hate sleeping with you, Cause you are never there... I hate living with you. I should get a dog or something... Talking to myself is boring conversation. You and I were once friends. Now you're only an acquaintance

David Bowie - Within You
Your eyes can be so cruel, just as I can be so cruel

David Guetta feat. Sia - Titanium
I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose fire away, fire away ricochet, you take your aim fire away, fire away you shoot me down, but I won't fall I am titanium you shoot me down, but I won't fall I am titanium

David Lindgren - Shout it out
so put your hands uo to the sky, i wanna see you wave them high, we gonna make it make it loud , shout it shout it loud

Dayshell - Not Coming In
To my surprise, well suited lies, They slowly leak right through your teeth...

Dead by april - Falling Behind
I'm fading to gray, losing all track of time, I'll die, you're absurd, I'm shattered in pieces, Lift up my eyes, I am falling this time

Dead by april - Mystery
It’s a mystery why I can’t stop thinking of you Mystery, how everything circles around you In my mind, I’m doing all in my power to get free In my mind, I promised myself ’till this day I’d be But it’s a mystery

Dead By April - What Can I Say
What can i say, What can i do, This is who i am and i'm hurting you, What can i say, What can i do, No matter how strong my feelings are, I always end up hurting you.

Dead By April - losing you
All I have is you, it is all that I'm breathing for, all I need is you, (Now I can't make it through), I am losing you forever, (I am lost in pain without you), I am leaving ground forever, (Forever, forever)

Dead by april - Angels Of Clarity
My life was brought into a nightmare Dark shadows surrounded me Five times the pain of torture Is buried deep within me it makes me shiver down my spine

Dead by april - Sorry for everything
Sometimes you said that I didn't listen to your words That I even made you cry Maybe I didn't show, in every possible way how much I cared

Dead by april - Found Myself In You
Now you can't give up, not when you've come this far though you face it all alone, seek your trust inside within Now you can't give up, look before you wake

Deaf Havana - Nicotine and alcohol saved my life
Hiding under the blanket behind the chair, theres something which screams...this seems..so unfair.

Deaf Havana - Keepin' It Sunny Side Up
Hey girls, let's see ya move, My name's Ricky Bobby and I like your boobs.

Deaf Havana - My Life Is Average
All these excuses don't prove that I'm useless, Cause deep down the truth is I'm just too lazy to try.

Dear Evan Hansen - Good For You
When you've got something new Well I'm sorry you had it rough And I'm sorry I'm not enough Thank God they rescued you

Dear Whoever - tears of ashes
I see the tragedy It comes to me In bloody broken dreams I couldnt live like this you died, thats what I took for granted I live for you (I'll die for you)

Dear Whoever - Tears of Ashes
These tears of ashes are spreaded for you to be pleading the truth yaa ill die for you! Can you hear me when I'm screaming can't you hear me wen I'm pleading?

Dear Whoever - tears of ashes
I will fight for the meaning of this You died for me you saved me Now I will stand strong defending for your name No more am I afraid. I wont forget your name.

Dear Whoever - forever and here on after
I remember... My heartbeat to the sound of your voice. We would live forever, but God need you more than i can ever. I need you too... He took and now i cry. You have died. Watch over me. I'll Keep the memories... I miss you.

Dear Whoever - Tears Of Ashes
Can you hear me when I'm screaming. I can hear your voice it's weeping. You cried out when I was needing I was nothing, you'd comfort me.

Dear Whoever - tears of ashes
Now I see that you are here for me to lean on We shed tears of ashes for death that became truth. I could hear you speak, but I tried not to. It made sense to me, all I need is you.

Death Cab for Cutie - I'll follow you into the dark
Love of mine, someday you will die But I'll be close behind and I'll follow you into the dark No blinding light or tunnels to gates of white Just our hands clasped so tight, waiting for the hint of a spark…

Death Cab for Cutie - I Will Follow You Into The Dark
Love of mine, someday you will die, but I'll be close behind

deccay my corpse - fallen
fallen, forgoten, used, abused....animals kill people, people kill animals, animals die aren't we the animals in this?... (fallllleennn)kill me now (fallen)push me down (falllleenn)kill me now...............(breathe)kill me now

deccay my corpse - dead till mourn
YOU after poisoned me, dying i raise an arm blow you a kiss and say my last words, ones you'll never forget ..and those words were... i loved you

deccay my corpse - hex me
you cut me, you curse me, you f*ck me, u hex me. i fell for u and u used me. just forget it u knew i wasn't worth it. slam me, glad u threw me aside, for now no more pain but that 1 hex on me .... hex me i love it just hex me just hex me

deccay my corpse - hex me
power kill theé, love i felt for you pitied forever more,an option taken, i'll never see you again, cut me with your blade,hurt me with your spells the one hex you put on me will make you lose the closest thing to you, you ever had

deccay my corpse - hex me
Cursed for life pass the knife i can't live being hexed all my life let me die let me die i can't take it no more let me die let me die i'm sorry you cursed me i'm sorry i'm sorry you'll soon be sorry!

deep down under - in the deep world
I hope you go in the deep world of hell and can't get out

deep down under - in the deep world
I hope you go in the deep world of hell and can't get out. You will find yourself in the deep world of hell cause thats were you belong we can't help you now and you know we well be looking down in the deep world

Defeat The Low - Aurora Avenue
'Keep it all to yourself as it eats away your health, the attention, your ambition- It was the route of all your guilt'

Deftones - Poltergeist
What can I say I think I had enough I think you keep playing to play Knowing that i feel sick C'mon just say it Just say you like to play this game Just to drive me wild

Demi Lovato - Lightweight
Im a lightweight better be careful what you say.......... im a lightweight easy to fall, easy to break.

Demi Lovato - Fix A heart
It's probably what's best for you.I only want the best for you.And if I'm not the best then your stuck. tried to severe ties and i ended up with wounds to bind.It's like your pouring salt on my cuts.

Demi Lovato - Skyscraper
Go on and try to tear me down. I'll be rising from the ground like a skyscraper.

Design The Skyline - Break Free From Your Life
Let go of all your fears tonight, close the door to every lie.

Design The Skyline - Break Free From Your Life
Don't question what can, not be fixed. Don't you ever, shed tears for all the wrong senseless fears!

Design The Skyline - Deathgaze
Take her hand excite your lust and drink from the lips of a succubus. Carve her name into thy flesh so you will never fucking forget!

Dethklok - Murmaider
Nothing to tie one to a crime And if you seek vengeance All you need are instruments of pain. You need your Knives? Check. Rope? Check. Dagger? Check. Chains? Check. Rocks? Check. Laser Beams? Check. Acid? Check. Body Bag? Check.

Dev - Monster
Call the doctor, call the doctor Must be something wrong with me(ohh) He's a monster, why do I want ya Please tell me, please tell me

Devil wears prada - Heyjohnwhatsyournameagain
im gonna hope for you im gonna pray for you amongst the reckless and the black, salvation lies within. im gonna hope for you im gonna pray for you amongst the reckless and the black, my time is yours my friend.

Devin Townsend - Sprite
Think of everyone you know, everyone is broken. Take a look around, everyone is sad.

Devin Townsend Project - Stand
I've come face to face with myself, man! Sanctify the early light just like the old man can, boy... Change the world? you better change yourself man! Boy! Man! Challenge the mind to be more like the rolling ocean man, and Burn!

Devin Townsend Project - Kingdom
Now I see the way I'm headed. Down and down, the youth descended! Hell is here, but it hath no fury! Like this woman still, there is no worry, I'm fine!

Dexter - Season 4 - Episode: My Bad
What if you don't get what you deserve? If what you deserve is a white picket fence, and your kids all around, and a husband who loves you. What if the least you deserve is a real human being and what you get instead is me?

diamond - people
people just don't know when to stop playing around

Diary of Dreams - She and her darkness
I'm dying for you, can't you see? I'm lying for you to be free! I hunger for you, 'cause I can't eat! I'd vanish for you in defeat!

Die Trying - Words that Kill
I spend my time thinking about you, remember when we said that this would not end? and now you’re gone, I’m still right here without you. a world on fire, a life overwhelming just breathe

Dirty Youth - Fight
This Time You've Taken It To Far. All I Want To Do Is Fight. Can't You See You Pushing Me Over. Control Freak This Is Who You Are. All I Want To Do Is Fight. I Get The Urge To Fight.

Disarmonia Mundi - Celestial Furnace
My soul is burning as your flesh crawls Ripped from your burden of grief Too tired to mourn and too sad to care Just get the fuck out of here

Disciple - Invisible
There's a place where the broken go. There's a room full of second chances. You're not stranded on your own. You're not, Invisible.

Disciple - Beautiful Scars
We were the bruised, we were the broken, we don't live in pieces anymore. We have won, we have overcome, our scars have been made beautiful. We're the redeemed, this is who we are.

Disciple - Things Left Unsaid
If you fly away tonight, I wanna tell you that I love you, I hope that you can hear me, I hope that you can feel me, If you fly away tonight, I wanna tell you that I'm sorry, that I never told you when we were face-to-face.

Disturbed - Indestructible
I'll have you know That I’ve become… Indestructible Determination that is incorruptible From the other side A terror to behold Annihilation will be unavoidable Every broken enemy will know That their opponent had to be invincible Take

Disturbed - stricken
That I am stricken and can't let you go When the heart is cold, there's no hope, and we know That I am crippled by all that you've done Into the abyss will I run

Disturbed - Stupify
Why, do you like playin' around with, my, narrow scope of reality? I can feel it all start slippin', I think I'm breaking down.

Disturbed - Violence Fetish
Bring the violence, it's significant to the life If you've ever known anyone Bring the violence, it's significant to the life Can you feel it?

Disturbed - 10,000 Fists
You will remember the night you were struck by the sight of Ten Thousand fists in the air

Disturbed - Criminal
In a world that I don't want to know With a message that I never want to send To be free from all of this I want you to quicken my end

Disturbed (original by simon and garfunkel) - The Sound of Silence
Hello darkness, my old friend I've come to talk with you again Because a vision softly creeping Left its seeds while I was sleeping And the vision that was planted in my brain Still remains within the sound of silence

Divide The Day - Fuck Away The Pain
Fuck away the pain, erase him from your brain. Fake it like you love me. Come on baby touch me. Show me where it hurts, this dirty little curse. Dont have to be ashamed if you wanna scream my name while i fuck away the pain.

Dodie Clark - Pas De Deux
Are you walking on eggshells? Has push come to shove? Are you full of belonging, but not full of love?

Dodie Clark - Social Dance
There are some who don't even need to try, born with a warm heart, a twinkle in their eye. Glitter in their words, perfume in their breath, souls of sunshine and lilac pastel skies. You will find no such shimmering in here.

Doll Skin - Outta My Mind
Life doesn't feel right, but through the storm I see the sunshine

Dot Dot Curve - RocketShip To TheMoon
oh my god its like when all they see is my freakish hair and my freakish lip rings and their like what the F*ck kid! you're a f*cking freak!

Dot Dot Curve - RocketShipToTheMoon
Ohmygod, it's like when they see me all they see is my freakish hair and my freakish liprings and they're like What the fuck kid? You're a fucking freak!

Down & Dirty - I Will Never Lose My Way
Prove it, fake it You will never make it Take your time but hurry up Cuz you will never break me Chew and spit, or you can fucking swallow I break the mother fucking way And all these bitches follow Hey!

Down & Dirty - Move It
Oh the fate has found me (Leave all of your shit behind cause it's time to rise up and lose your mind) I will set you free (You see, we won't go without a fight and we'll show them all that we own this night)

Dragonforce - The Game
Again and again I tried so hard, to reach for the stars but I failed you all tried to keep standing tall never had a real chance at all

Drop Dead Gorgeous - LOVE IS MURDER
I'll be your Romeo. You'll be my Juliet. You'll be so beautiful, So charming Lying dead in my room I lost touch with my hand, and the knife in your back.

Drop Dead Gorgeous - two birds one stone
if i ever see you again and this gun is loaded you'll sleep in hell

Drop Dead Gorgeous - Beat the devil out of it
you said it, dont forget it.

Drop Dead Gorgeous - (the) internet killed the video star
you fucked with the wrong son of a bitch. i caught you staring, its not your fault, ill kiss your lips but not for too long.

Drop Dead, Gorgeous - Dressed For Friend Request
She had the eyes of an angel With a heart like a traitor And a gun with a trigger In her hand pointed at her We always knew you'd go up in flames We always knew you'd go out with a bang.

Drowning pool - Let the bodies hit the floor
You may be all by your self but your never alone

Drowning Pool - Bodies
Skin against skin blood and bone You\'re all by yourself but you\'re not alone You wanted in now you\'re here Driven by hate consumed by fear Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor

Duck Duck Goose - Wonderful Wizard of LSD
My lover said to obey her. My lover said she's the weight on my back. Let's not and say we did.

Duffy - Hanging on to long
It was just my mistake thinking you cared. It was just my mistake thinking you'd be there.

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