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Emo lyricsDeath would be such a relief. All the secrets that I hide would die with me. Depression is my only friend, will this torture ever end? I keep crying in my dreams, can you even hear my endless screams?Emo song lyrics
(Heaven Shall Burn - Black Tears)

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Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

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kaiser chiefs - never miss a beat
its cool to no nothing its cool to no nothing take a look take a look at it no the kids of the street no they never miss a beat no they never miss a beat never miss a beat NO!

kaiser chiefs - never miss a beat
kids of the street no they never miss

Kar_Athri - Life
All I have is my mind to keep me entertained because there is no one else to talk to apart from my family who just shout and argue! Why can't I be liked and accepted? Just because I am fucking different!

Kat Boelskov - Golem
Is it worth the pain you find when you wake up After passing out from hitting your head against the wall Just to blot out the thought That no one ever truly hears your call

Kat Boelskov - Can You Tell
Can you tell where I’ve been From the way I carry my heart Can you tell what I’ve seen From the way I wear my expression I fought and I loved with a passion I still carry the marks on my body

Kat Boelskov - INVOLVED
I know you're not well I shouldn’t get involved I'm not ready to engage On any kind of human level I don’t know you but I feel your heart calling Feel a kinship I cannot explain it

Katie Gray - Set Free
And you've got style, and you've got grace, and you've got the means to leave this place, but you'll never, never make it, and you'll never, never break it

Katy Perry - Firework
Baby, you're a firework Come on, let your colors burst Make 'em go, oh You're gonna leave 'em falling down

Katy Perry - I kissed a girl
I kissed a girl and I liked it

Ke$ha - Your love is my drug
What you got boy is hard to find I think about it all the time I'm all strung out, my heart is fried I just can't get you off my mind

Keane - Leaving so soon
Do I seem too eager to please to you now? You don't know me at all I can't turn it on, turn it off like you now I'm not like you now

Keane - Leaving so soon
You're leaving so soon Never had a chance to bloom But you were so quick To change your tune Don't look back If I'm a weight around your neck Cos if you don't need me I don't need you Ah, ah ah, ah ah, ah!

Keane - Nothing In My Way
When you wanna die, when you hurt inside, don't know what you lie for anyway, now there's nothing left to say.

Keane - Leaving so soon
You look down on me Don't you look down on me now You don't know me at all A slap in the face In the face for you now Just might do now

Keane - Leaving so soon
You're leaving so soon Never had a chance to bloom But you were so quick To change your tune Don't look back If I'm a weight around your neck Cos if you don't need me I don't need you

Keane - Leaving so soon
You must think I'm a fool So prosaic and awkward and all you think you've got me down? you think I've never been out of this town?

keizer91 ( A.K.A. me) - suicide
Suicide is a permanent solution, but sometimes seems like the only option.

Kelly Clarkson - Long Shot
My heartbeat beats me senselessly why does everything gotta be so intense with me?

kelly clarkson - because of you
my heart cant break because it was never whole to start with


Kerbera - Lipstick Tonic
Now you'll never be coming back, I won't see your pretty face, just pray for a heart attack, something to put me away. These few years that we had spent, only one thing to regret, the fucking venom in my veins.

Kerbera - Inglorious
Realised you're paid to fake it, we're breaking the illusions. All of your lies for trust, still we're inglorious!

Kerli - Love is Dead
But Love don't live here anymore... Love is dead, Love is gone, Love don't live here anymore.

Kerli Koiv - Walking On Air
There\'s a little creepy house In a little creepy place Little creepy town In a little creepy world Little creepy girl With her little creepy face Saying funny things that u have never heard...

kesha - die younq
lets make the most of the night like we're qunna die yunq :/ we're qunna die yunq :c we're qunna die yunq 3:

kia rae motieth - life or death
One life to live One death to die One heart to beat One heart to be broken One beep to live One bang to die All that i have to say is good bye

Kids In The Way - Scars That Save
Here I am, broken again, but then you show me, you're wearing the scars that save. How can you see me, as something so lovely. Cause it's killing me that i am to blame.

Kill Hannah - Unwanted
Unwanted, unneeded You've always been mistreated Hang on! (Don't do what they say to) Unwanted And been for so long Say, "Hey, Mom! I'm never coming home again"

Kill Me Eternal - A Bleeding Heart
Try to keep finding a way. Just let go of the pain. Trust me, you'll be okay. Though it's cold outside now, it won't always be that way. Please just drop your blade. It'll be okay. Take my hand, and let it go away.

killswichengage (kse) - holydiver
Holy Diver You've been down too long in the midnight sea Oh what's becoming of me Ride the tiger You can see his stripes but you know he's clean Oh don't you see what I mean Gotta get away Holy Diver Shiny diamonds Like the eyes of a cat in

Kim Taylor - Build you up
so amazing how I've survived this road Feel the fever, I can feel it down Inside my soul

KINGS OF LEON - on call
you said call me now baby and i'll come a running

Kiss - God gave rock and roll to you
God gave rock and roll to you, gave rock and roll to you Gave rock and roll to everyone (oh yeah) God gave rock and roll to you, gave rock and roll to you Put it in the soul of everyone

Korn - Eaten Up Inside
I'll die smiling. Something I heard someone says to me, will make me laugh; and I'll lay back and fade away. Let me go, I'll be fine, frozen here in time; Sick of being alive.

Korn - Throw Me Away
Hold me up into the light Fix the cracks and fix them right Keep the pieces in the drawer Keep them there for ever more Wake a million thoughts someday Recycle this shit in someway And all that I have to say Don't let them throw me away

Korn - Freak on a Leash
Feeling like a freak on a leash... Feeling like I have no release.. How many times have I felt diseased Nothing in my life is free, is free

Korn - Mr. Rogers
First you told me everyone was my neighbor they took advantage of me then they took turns hating me

Korn - Oildale (leave me alone)
What a puss Think you're so tough I take this shit All I had was Love in me It was so good But that wasn't enough You rip it away

Korn - Evolution
Im digging with my figure tips, im dripping on the ground i stand apond, im such a poor fragile fool. ~Evolution~

Korn - System
You fell away, What more can I say? The feelings evolved, I wont let it out, I can't replace Your screaming face Feeling the sickness inside

Korn - y'all all want a single
Y'all want a single say fuck that Fuck that, fuck that Y'all want a single say fuck that Fuck that, fuck that Y'all want a single say fuck that Fuck that, fuck that Y'all want a single say fuck that Boom boom boom boom

Korn - Falling Away From Me
Day is here fading, That's when I'm insane, I flirt with suicide, Sometimes kills the pain, I can't always say, It's gonna be better tomorrow, Falling away from me, falling away from me.

Korn - Coming Undone
Keep holdin on when my brains tickin like a bomb Guess the black thoughts have come again to get me Sweet bitter words unlike nothing I have heard Sing along mocking bird you dont affect me

Korn - Love Song
Everythings eliminated Everything is dedicated Tried to leave this life i hated, Even death was over rated Love song for the dear departed Head stone for the broken hearted Arms to kill Or flowers to steal..

Korn ft. Corey Taylor - A Different World
I dream of the past, so I can break through The walls I have built inside The thoughts I can't grasp Transparency through They're constantly fight and collide I'd love to see a different world

Kurt Cobain - Dumb
My heart is broke But I have some glue Help me inhale And mend it with you

Kutless - Promise of a Lifetime
I have fallen to my knees, as i sing a lullaby of pain, i\'m feeling broken in my melody, i sing to help the tears go away.

Kuza - Hate filled heart
I can't focus anymore I can hardly breathe Blood shot eyes Lungs collapsing You don't see it but you're killing me I'm covered in blood on the floor

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Sai & Kou
The & Best is what I wanna be The & Best, with everyone here today The & Best, you mean this is just a dream? The & Best is something I can’t be?

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